Bitcoin Journalism Wanted – We Are Hiring!

18910 is hiring! We are looking for an assistant editor and another staff writer/editor. If you’re an experienced reporter, your English is perfect and your knowledge-level on Bitcoin is to the moon, this is the place to be. operates from several locations globally including Hawaii, San Diego Florida, St Kitts, Stockholm, Budapest, Tel Aviv, Kuala Lumpur, Tokyo, Tasmania and in the UK. We’ve also got contributing writers and co-workers spread out all over the globe.

So why apply to We focus on real-world Bitcoin-related news. We believe this planet deserves a fair and balanced Bitcoin news media outlet. Thanks to this simple aspiration and our independence we’ve been able to increase our readership 10x since I came aboard as the Editor-in-Chief in December last year.

We now serve 120,000+ daily and 3,5 million+ monthly thoroughly researched article page views to our readers, according to Google Analytics and we’re steadily moving up the Alexa ranking ladder. Our newsletters have gathered 95,000+ readers and we update 100,000+ browser notifications subscribers just a few seconds after each news piece hit our pages. Our Twitter feed enjoys 50,000+ followers and our new Telegram channel gathers more than 19,000+ readers and we’ve recently started to update our Instagram feed and Facebook subscribers with shorter video summaries of selected news posts. And, like Bitcoin, we’ve only just gotten started!

Yes, you! Apply now…

So, if YOU want to contribute to the world’s biggest and fastest growing Bitcoin-focused news site this is the place to be. You’ll enjoy a great working environment, a lot of freedom and a great atmosphere “at work” (in the chatrooms, our virtual offices and of course at location in our meatspace offices worldwide).

Skills You Need

If you’re an experienced reporter, your English is perfect and your knowledge-level on Bitcoin is to the moon, please send your CV and a personal letter to the email address nanok at bitcoin dot com. If you do not have the requested experiences and skills (news journalism) there is no point in applying. We read all incoming mail and apologize beforehand that we may not be able to reply to all.

Looking forward to working with you!

Best, Nanok Bie

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Bitcoin News is growing fast. To reach our global audience, send us a news tip or submit a press release. Let’s work together to help inform the citizens of Earth (and beyond) about this new, important and amazing information network that is Bitcoin.


  1. i would like to send my resume for Experienced REPORTER, kindly share me your mail id. thanks prakash, INDIA

    • For someone who claims to be an experienced reporter, how did you miss the link for the email? First step before applying, read 🙂 too funny

  2. For those of you looking for a project in the U.S. – I am part of a Los Angeles based crypto startup, and we as well need editors – please Tweet me @VMEstab or reply to this message with your Telegram ID. Thank you.

      • I want to know about bitcoin at a lowest level of understanding step by step for old people who want to learn and join 1how do go about from a to z step by step

        • you can dm me I can provide you with the little knowledge I accumulated on bitcoin

    • I make videos on cryptocurrency. Go and find cryto queen on youtube. Would love to be able to write too. I have got pieces printed in the local newspapers (few years ago) I’m in uk
      Please contact me.

  3. uhhh where is China ? 🙂 Are they still washing there hands in there bloodbath again ! This is Bitcoins payback time 🙂

    Peace and Love all crypto friends over the World !

  4. I m interested in any job related to Bitcoin. Can anyone suggest a remote job in India?

      • Hey Carola. I couldn’t find any address above. Could you please provide me the link. I can write good content about Bitcoin.

        • Last para: “If you’re an experienced reporter, your English is perfect and your knowledge-level on Bitcoin is to the moon, please send your CV and a personal letter to this address. If you do not have these experiences and skills there is no point in applying. We read all incoming mail and apologize beforehand that we may not be able to reply to all.”
          Clicking on “this address” shows you

          • Haven’t heard from them yet. I am an engineer. But I have good knowledge of crypto currency

          • Hey Carola, why don’t you guys choose candidates based on their knowledge and not on their experience. Even the freshers can have more knowledge than the experienced one. Give them a chance atleast.

    • I hope you do find a job 🙂 all the best, however this one is clearly not for you. First mistake was not reading the content to find the link to the email address lol funny guy/gal

  5. I’m no reporter, but very good at communicating clearly about very complex ideas from engineering (my fields are structures & ICT) to history and philosophy. I lived in 4 continents (now mainly in Europe/Africa) and speak 5 international languages (including French, Russian, German). But requirements are requirements, so I will let this one pass by.

  6. What about someone very knowlegable about Bitcoins from Canada that has a degree in economics?

  7. & report that Bitcoin is a Pentagon operation, Etherium KGB ? What most don’t know is at the very top the KGB and CIA are the same ppl. There are a lot of low level bad actors in between who genuinely don’t know much. Ron Paul is a dead giveaway, but he knows more than he lets on – such an unfortunate traitorous piece of humanity. Of course most think they are playing their part in crushing the evil “nation states” i.e. formally sovereign nations who’s power to coin money was handed to international bankers by corrupted dumb ass politicians. To borrow from Richard Henry Lee, this in turn has led to ever increasing tyranny, debt and bankruptcy of these “nation states” who in turn make life for the citizen increasingly moronic and difficult. Bitcoin has a lot in common with the moon landings – a lot of smoke and mirrors, the reality is far humbler than most want to accept. (The world really is round by the way, please don’t fall for that counterintelligence campaign which was formulated as a virus to give people who saw through the tin foil lies of that moon lander, directed by Stanley Kubrick. Why is it that China has some of the cheapest electricity on the planet by burning Australian coal while we in Australia pay the highest power prices in the world ? If you haven’t already worked it out that is also a part of the plan to destroy “nation states” and bring in a NWO – theirs, not ours. This is done to de-industrialise America and the West. Our money flows to China and the East who are allowed to make everything and it flows back to our shores and out bits us for shelter. You see the Chinese want to escape their communist corrupt country and come to the White Anglo west because of our peoples endeavours and culture. The very thing that made America great in the first place as the tradesmen, scientists and inventors from Europe migrated to the new world to escape the unserious taxation of the Jewish/ British empire. Are some ppl getting rich from crypto ? Just remember what your really a part of – it is only free and “liberating” until it has served it’s purpose just as communism did. To usurp the existing power structure – the only thing is the new boss is the same as the old boss because our money as everyone knows is totally corrupted. So we are all actors in the game of life. The imperishable dons the transient & the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry. Good luck to all and perhaps this crypto road may take an unexpected turn and something truly wonderful will be gained for all humanity.

  8. I’m from Bayswater ,london.
    I’m like to be freelance writer digital money market analysis .

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  10. what about Saint John New Brunswick BALLYWOOD know what i mean, plus alot less, check out The City’s Sci Fi Lot i’m not into it but it’s here, as Keith said ‘Its great to be somewhere’ …

  11. i’m looking for a job that pay’s well AND not DNA’d or anything like that Nano Nano is freaking weird too ….5

  12. From the US. Fluent in Chinese. Lived in Taiwan for 30 years. Love Bitcoin and everything related. hoDl. So much fun recently! Don’t panic!

  13. I am more than a writer who is capable of showing an experienced perspective on the rise and fall (and rise, and fall, etc.) of bitcoin. Furthermore, I have experience in explaining the opponents of bitcoin over the past year. My investments in multiple cryptocurrency projects like ethereum and litecoin have shown that my knowledge has grown, along with my accounts. While I can explain the specifics of blockchain technology, I can also add a perspective that may be easier for the basic investors interested in getting a better understanding of it all. Let me know if my work interests your company. Reply to

  14. There is a great need for someone who can communicate basic crypto to older people. I am your guy. I have been studying and trading crypto for 2 years and can easily communicate with the 50+ crowed. They are out there waiting.
    Virginia Gay
    BS in BA, Boston University

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