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Over 300 BTC in High Stake Jackpots Available at Bitcoin Games

Bitcoin.com’s entertainment section, Bitcoin Games, has been growing very popular with new users joining daily, and the platform has seen a whole lot of winners. Just recently one of our players raked in over $6,000 worth of bitcoin playing the odds at our Roulette table. At the time of writing, the number of jackpots available at our casino totals a whopping 300 BTC!

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Bitcoin Games: Big Jackpots and Hours of Fun!

BGOur Bitcoin Games casino has been paying out large jackpots totalling over 90 BTC since October. The classic games have been a big hit amongst our players due to our extremely low house edge and provably fair gameplay. Bitcoin Games has a broad range of your casino favorites; namely, Slots, Blackjack, Video Poker, Dice, Roulette, Keno and Craps.

This past week a Progressive Roulette player won a substantial jackpot of 7.7498 BTC by hitting Three 0’s in a row. The player must have had serious luck on their side as the probability of hitting Three 0’s in a row is very low – just 1 in 50,653!

The player’s possibility to win was based on playing progressively, adding one credit to their bet each time they spun the wheel. Because the player was betting in our Progressive Roulette game and shooting for our Progressive Prizes rather than opting to play regular Roulette, they were able to hit the sweet spot and win thousands of dollars in bitcoin.


Action-Packed Playing Experience with a 99% Return

Bitcoin Games is an action-packed casino gaming experience that provides hours of entertainment. Our players have learned that the odds of winning at Bitcoin Games is extremely high with a 99 percent expected return. Moreover, there’s no need to hassle with registration to play these games as players can enjoy the games anonymously. Here at Bitcoin.com we believe our gaming portal is by far one of the best bitcoin casino sites on the web.

To begin playing our fun games all a user has to do is deposit some bitcoins to their Bitcoin Games deposit address and they can immediately start enjoying any game we offer. This is due to the fact that Bitcoin Games is an instant play casino. Bitcoin Games also offers two-factor authentication security, password protected accounts (with no registration required), Shapeshift integration allowing players to deposit using 35 different altcoins and a great customer support team that makes sure customers get any assistance they might require.

When a player wins, jackpot payouts are instant and users can withdraw their winnings at any time without needing to submit their personal details. Unfortunately, due to legal restrictions, U.S. citizens are unable to play at Bitcoin Games but the gaming portal is available in every other country worldwide. However, U.S. residents can play our games for fun with test credits and hopefully someday in the future we can offer our friends in the U.S. the ability to play for real money.


Best Bitcoin Gaming Site on the Web!

Players can be confident using our gaming platform as every game played on Bitcoin Games is 100 percent provably fair, and the casino offers some of the best odds in the industry. Our mission is to provide the most enjoyable playing experience, and we have lots of special promotions taking place regularly. For instance, our Bitcoin Games referral program allows you to earn 25 percent of the house edge just by inviting your friends to our casino!

We hope our readers come by and check out Bitcoin Games today as we think our casino favorites provide an all around good time with lots of chances of winning big. Come test out our games and see what you think – we promise you won’t be disappointed!





Have you tried our Bitcoin Games portal? Let us know about your experience in the comments below. We’re always open to feedback.

Images courtesy of Bitcoin.com and Bitcoin Games.

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