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Bitcoin exchange Exmo suffers prolonged outage

Bitcoin exchange Exmo went down yesterday for unplanned maintenance, and has been down for twenty-four hours now and may be down for longer.

The exchange owners have issued a statement, asking customers not to panic, and that it’s just a temporary issue.

Exmo is an exchange that allows users to buy and sell bitcoins using their online platform. Users can fund their accounts in a variety of ways, using US Dollars (USD), Euros (EUR), and Russian Rubles (RUB). They do a fair amount of volume, but aren’t a high traffic exchange, moving in the neighborhood of ~250 BTC per day.

The issues started yesterday morning when Exmo went down unexpectedly. The exchange tweeted that it was doing some unplanned maintenance. Then they issued a new update, stating that “Because of the breakdown in the data center of our provider, we are transferring data to the new servers.”

The service transfer has brought down the entire exchange, which remains offline at the time of this writing. It’s unclear when the exchange will resume trading, but the prolonged outage has some exchange customers worried.

In a Facebook post, Exmo wrote, “All of the funds will be on the ground. In the worst case support everything finds and returns. Please don’t panic.”

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