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Bitcoin exchange Cointrader hacked, taken offline

Canadian bitcoin exchange Cointrader.net appears to have been hacked, with a strange message displaying to all exchange website visitors which simply says This is the Littlebruzer website!.

The exchange’s Twitter account was deleted, which leaves only their Facebook account left. However, the Facebook account hasn’t been updated in almost a year, which has left many in bewilderment since there isn’t much information about the hack. A cursory Google search yields results for Littlebruzer being associated to previous DEF CON hacker conferences, however there is no way to tell if this is the same person or group which hacked Cointrader; or if this was even a hack, and possibly even an exit scam by the exchange owners.

It’s unclear how many people at this time had funds on the exchange, but chances are that any funds that were there are considered lost since there is no information about the hack and all access to the site has been compromised.

In March 2015, Cointrader.net was acquired by Newnote Financial for $1.5m, however Newnote Financial’s website also doesn’t have any information at all about Cointrader and their status.

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