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Bitcoin.com's Local Bitcoin Cash Marketplace Gathers Thousands of Pre-Launch Signups

On June 4, Bitcoin.com is gearing up to launch our peer-to-peer trading platform Local.Bitcoin.com. After the exchange was announced, the public were invited to create their accounts and place orders. So far the exchange has seen a huge swarm of interest, with over 4,500 signups to date.

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Local.Bitcoin.com Pre Launch Accounts Surpass 4,500

The development team behind Bitcoin.com’s Local.Bitcoin.com exchange has been very busy getting ready for the platform’s grand opening. In about a week’s time, on June 4, the peer-to-peer trading platform will begin to allow trading and people from all around the world can participate. In the buildup to the June 4 launch, anyone can sign up and even create a trade so they’ll be prepared for the big day.

Bitcoin.com's Local Bitcoin Cash Marketplace Gathers Thousands of Pre-Launch Signups

Of the 4,500+ accounts, there’s been 1,445 unique makers created and over the last 24 hours, 239 accounts were added. The over-the-counter (OTC) trading platform has seen signups from people all around the globe, with the most popular regions being the U.S. (21%), Indonesia (5%), India (5%), Philippines (4%), Nigeria (4%), U.K. (4%), Canada (3%), and Zimbabwe (3%). Local.Bitcoin.com is also seeing signups from countries like Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, Russia, and Sweden.

Bitcoin.com's Local Bitcoin Cash Marketplace Gathers Thousands of Pre-Launch Signups

The number of signups throughout the world has been fascinating as it shows that citizens are very interested in the peer-to-peer exchange of BCH. Additionally, accounts can earn extra bitcoin cash by generating a referral code enabling them to earn 20% of the fees for the lifetime of users who sign up through their code.

Bitcoin.com's Local Bitcoin Cash Marketplace Gathers Thousands of Pre-Launch Signups

Spreading Economic Freedom One Trade at a Time

Our pre-launch statistics recorded on May 27 show there are 1,817 offers and 1,284 active offers available. Local.Bitcoin.com has around 402 active users per day and roughly 2,418 users per week as well. At Bitcoin.com, we’re psyched to be able to offer people a place where they can trade freely and most importantly in a noncustodial fashion. We believe that there will be great interest in an OTC trading platform that lets people swap their fiat for sound peer-to-peer electronic cash. At the moment, the most popular offer types of trades include bank transfer (32%), cash in person (15%), Paypal (15%), cash deposit (7%), and “Other.” Alternative choices Local.Bitcoin.com users chose were methods like Western Union, Gift cards, Skrill, Moneygram, Transferwise, and Venmo.

Bitcoin.com's Local Bitcoin Cash Marketplace Gathers Thousands of Pre-Launch Signups

Creating a Local.Bitcoin.com account is simple and only takes a few minutes to complete a profile and initiate a trade. At Bitcoin.com we want open and free trade to flourish and we think that bitcoin cash is going to change the world. Over the last decade, cryptocurrency exchanges have been looted for billions of dollars worth of bitcoins and this is because people have to leave funds in limbo in order to trade regularly. With Local.Bitcoin.com’s peer-to-peer solution, all trades are noncustodial and users have full control over their funds. So if you are just hearing about Local.Bitcoin.com and need step-by-step instructions on how to sign up and create a trade, check out this informative article.

Bitcoin.com's Local Bitcoin Cash Marketplace Gathers Thousands of Pre-Launch Signups

At Bitcoin.com, we’re thrilled to be able to give people the ability to buy and sell bitcoin cash in a way that allows for a far more personal trading experience. If you like what you hear and want to trade fiat for bitcoin cash or vice versa, then sign up for Local.Bitcoin.com today. Additionally, if you have questions or want to give us feedback then check out the dedicated English Telegram channel or Spanish Telegram channel.

What do you think about the new peer-to-peer marketplace Local.Bitcoin.com? Let us know what you think about this subject in the comments section below.

Image credits: Local.Bitcoin.com, Jamie Redman, and Bitcoin.com.

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