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Bitcoin.com's Cloud Mining Services Sees Record Growth

Bitcoin.com’s mining services continue to grow exponentially as pool.bitcoin.com commands roughly 3 percent of the Bitcoin network’s global mining power. In addition to the company’s mining capabilities, Bitcoin.com is partnered with the largest U.S.-based bitcoin mining data center allowing the company to leverage mining services like no other business in the industry.        

Bitcoin mining is a very competitive industry as miners worldwide are verifying transactions while securing the network for economic incentives. Bitcoin.com takes mining seriously with its world-class mining pool as well as offering the best cloud mining contracts in the industry. In the last quarter alone Bitcoin.com in partnership with a large confidential North America-based data center has purchased over US$15M worth of Bitcoin mining equipment and have sold more than $8M in cloud mining contracts.

Bitcoin.com's Mining Services Sees Record Growth Last Quarter

Cloud mining is a unique service that allows anyone to earn bitcoins through the mining process without having to purchase specialized hardware or use complicated software. In essence, users purchase the mining power from a data center enabling them to obtain bitcoins. Bitcoin.com started its cloud mining operations back in May and has seen record sellouts ever since.

“Our hashrate demand seems to be growing in lockstep with the Bitcoin price, and it doesn’t show signs of slowing,” explains Bitcoin.com developer Shaun Chong after the first wave of cloud mining contract sales were sold.

Bitcoin.com's Mining Services Sees Record Growth Last Quarter

Bitcoin.com’s CEO Roger Ver is thrilled to see pool.bitcoin.com and the firm’s cloud mining services gain so much interest.

“This clearly shows that Bitcoin.com is one of the most profitable companies in the entire ecosystem today. With our continued efforts we will pave the way for the future mass adoption of Bitcoin via on chain scaling as originally outlined by Satoshi Nakamoto.”

We can see the significant interest for bitcoin mining as specialized hardware and chips are getting harder to obtain because global manufacturers can’t keep up with the demand.

Our partnership with one of the largest data centers in North America has enabled us to purchase millions of dollars worth of mining equipment. This allows Bitcoin.com the ability to offer the best cloud mining services in the industry.

As one of the main security components for bitcoin, the most trusted and tested blockchain worldwide, mining will continue to be a profitable industry. Bitcoin.com’s pool aims to sustain its leadership by offering the very best mining structure to its clients with 110 percent block reward and 0 percent fees. Further, our cloud mining offering includes three contract durations for maximum flexibility: three months, six months, and lifetime (while profitable) plans. Bitcoin.com sells cloud mining to continue growing its hashrate that supports on-chain scaling, and utilizes sales revenue to purchase more mining hardware.

Bitcoin.com is a leader in the digital currency and blockchain industry by leveraging multiple facets of this emerging and innovative technology. The company’s mining pool and cloud services are growing in unison with bitcoin’s natural development as the future of money.

For more information please visit www.bitcoin.com and pool.bitcoin.com.  

Media contact: Mate Tokay

Media contact e-mail: mate@bitcoin.com

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