cloud mining’s Cloud Mining Begins, Now Anyone Can Mine Bitcoin is pleased to announce our new cloud mining service that enables anyone to participate in bitcoin mining without having to purchase specialized hardware.’s Cloud Mining Allows Anyone to Join the Growing Mining Economy

Today we are pleased to announce the grand opening of our cloud mining services. Our mining pool has been growing fast with a hashrate of 141.19 Ph/s and now captures 2.93% of the Bitcoin network. As our growth continues to accelerate we thought we would offer a chance for ordinary bitcoin enthusiasts to mine bitcoin without having to purchase and operate specialized mining hardware. Pool Cloud Mining offers the highest profit contracts in the cloud mining industry, due to 110% block reward and competitive contract prices. Additionally, our cloud mining contracts provide 100% guaranteed uptime and stable hashrate. Contracts are for sale now, ranging from 1 month to lifetime (while profitable) durations.'s Cloud Mining Begins, Now Anyone Can Mine Bitcoin

Leveraging the Largest Bitcoin Mining Facility in North America

The cloud mining system is partnered with the largest Bitcoin mining data center in North America, where we will source our hashrate. All of our contract sales will be handled by the Pool team, with first class service and support. The cloud mining platform was developed by’s developer Shaun Chong under guidance from Emil Oldenburg, CTO of Roger Ver, CEO of and one of the first investors of blockchain technology stated during the announcement:

Once again, is showing why we are one of the most professional and trusted companies in the entire Bitcoin ecosystem.'s Cloud Mining Begins, Now Anyone Can Mine Bitcoin
Shaun Chong ( Developer) in our partner data center.

Mine Bitcoins Without Technical Knowledge While Supporting On-chain Scaling  

We think a lot of average Bitcoin users would like to get into the mining economy, but lack the technical knowledge of setting up specialized machines. Cloud mining is far more convenient than operating your own Bitcoin mining hardware. Users should choose Pool’s cloud mining services because we offer the most diverse range of contract durations, stable hashrate, and competitive prices.

Alongside this, joining our pool is a great way to show support towards the bigger block movement, since our pool runs and signals for Bitcoin Unlimited.’s cloud mining services are available now. Check us out today and join the Bitcoin revolution!

Have you thought about participating in mining? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Kian Mehrabi

    This instinctively looks like bait for crypto junkies to me. If everyone could make money mining crypto with these servers, why would they sell the mining power instead of just mining themselves?

    I’ve not dug deeper than this article though, so perhaps I’m way off base. 😉

    • Zachary Williams

      I dont get why people like you think they now better than the free market…just because you dont understand something doesnt mean it hasto be a scam….just because you dont get how this can be proftable, ddoesnt mean that ts not stiill profitable,..and you already aked your own question! think about it! They ARE “just mining themselves! they are jst getting paid even more to mine bitcoins and the small amount of btc they end up paying to the person who pays for the contract doesnt even cut deep int the overall bitcoins theyre getting ! They sell contracts to GUARANTEE the income from the hardware at the current rates! As the price of BTC goes up, we make money wit our contracts locked in and they make more off maintenance fees! they can use the money we pay them up front for the coontracts to pay for more hardware! Everyone I know who bought contracts at genesis mining has made alot of money as they alll made contracts at bitcoin price of $1000 and ow its close to $2000 and theyre all making tons off their daily payouts…and if you lock in now for lifetime u can get a lifetime of 1 TH so when bitcoun price goes up u will be making money that the miners could have kept all for themselves

      • Kian Mehrabi

        Wow there Zach, chill out a bit. I asked a legitimate question in a manner that was more inquisitive than accusatory.

        Maybe you know more than me, but please remember that not everyone knows what you know. I’d appreciate not feeling attacked.

        The part of your explanation about this allowing the business to get the money up front makes sense to me. I hadn’t thought about that.

        From a banks perspective I guess it’s hard to accept “but look at all this bitcoin I’m making! Please give me a loan for more mining tech?”.

        Seem like what you are saying is that they are effectively selling earning potential in order to mitigate risk. We take the risk, and we get some earning potential. That makes good sense. I appreciate you sharing this understanding.

        • Zachary Williams

          OK I apologize for the disrespect but for me this is life and death for many people especially in the developing countries of the world 700 million people go to bed hungry every night that’s way too many people currently under nourished people die from lack of bit coin between is the only and other old coins like stellar and report the only financial system that we can actually use to send money to the 700 million there’s over 10 billion a Unused old smartphones in the world that we can use to hand out with preloaded btc or steller or riplle wallet and preloaded minutes or data for their local carrier to every one of the 700 million … I also been dealing with so many people and mad about not hearing back from my ride share company I’m
          Trying to drive for … I feel that if I can’t save up at least $10,000 to invest in crypto I will be left out and I won’t make 1 million dollars by the end of the year… like I’ll be mad if I was left. Behind because I didn’t have a few thousand dollars and I only wanna help people in the world I wanna end homelessness with cheap capsule hotels and an airbnb blockchain to give homeless people places to stay and use drones to deliver food to most needy and use steller riplle bitcoin and blockchain to solve global hunger and poverty within the. Next decade … but no one wants to give me the tiny little bit of cash I need to do this no one believes in me

          • Kian Mehrabi

            No worries mate. 🙂

    • Hannibal Smith

      Because its not risk-free and takes almost a year just to get to break-even if the price doesn’t tank first and the difficulty doesn’t increase dramatically as everyone jumps onboard. It is far more profitable and certain to sell shovels to gold miners.

      • AR

        well put sir

      • Kian Mehrabi

        Very well put. Thanks 🙂

    • Sean Michael

      Try mining if your stationed in Germany, you “neighbours” would tar and feather you. Cloud mining is damn near a necessity. 🙂

  • Michael Sheldon Johnson

    think i might give it a try but cant afford to invest alot so would it be worth it?

    • Godson

      Maybe give it a try for the one month plan. Let’s see the outcome, invest what you can afford to loose.

    • Zachary Williams

      If you have the $150 get a LIFETIME 1 TH ! (They jjst raised the money to $300 for 2TH! But email them and ask they did it for me and lowered min to $150 1 TH! Why pay $80 for 6 months when u get LIFEYIME for $150? It’s for life (while profitable) and Bitcoin is going to $1 million US dollars so you will not regret it. I know people who bought at the time unprofitable mining contracts last year at $1000 btc or under and now they have paid off the initial cost months ago and are making pure profit sooner tha expectedly because btc price going up this is a way to bet long on btc

    • Godson

      Yes give it a try maybe for one month and get back to us with your experience.

  • Jose Benito Donada

    I’m giving it a try for 30 days and the minimum 3Th/s contract, let’s see how it goes.

    • Godson

      Yes the reward is so high. Just thinking why won’t them invest in it and enjoy the interest themselves.

      • Zachary Williams

        Here is why… they re making even more by selling contracts and getting the cash up front for bitcoins they know they’ll be able to mine in the future and thy can use that cash now to buy more Mining equipment and even bigger server farm! And then they can offer more mining contracts! It’s like reinvesting Profits or selling “shares” in a way

  • Derek Waldroop

    maybe they are willing to pay for support to Bitcoin Unlimited? I believe thats why the reward is higher.

  • Awesome! Cheers! Hash On!

  • Roger Ver

    The demand has been amazing! We will have sold well over 100 BTC worth in the first 48 hours, and are almost sold out of hash rate for the moment!

  • Tino Collias

    So i just purchased a 6 month contract for 2 TH/s (1 hr ago).

    I have been doing a lot of research and my own theoretical calculations. A comment for the previous comments. Mining on your own is sometimes hard to make a profit and with my current electricity rate its is defo not. For GPU mining ETH it is, but ill get more GPUs later – ATM i mine ETH and get 0.1 a week give or take. I have wanted to mine bitcoins for a long time and don’t have the money for the big ASICs. I started with a U3 Antminer in 2015 before i ended up just buying the coins (10-100 GBP transactions)

    The investment I made in bitcoins has put me in a position where i am willing to risk what little i have to see if cloud mining works, to generate more coins. At the moment what the website predicts and what i predict are similar. Ill be more than happy to give a non-biased update and even send over my predictions. If i’m wrong, i’m wrong. If i am right it will be a good investment. Time will tell.

    • Tino Collias

      Decided to get 1TH/s for lifetime. All i can afford at the moment. But i will for sure be buying more and more.

      FYI – their customer service is great 😉

  • AR

    I did