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News Will Be Hosting Video Soon has been continuing its growth to become the go-to cryptocurrency portal for all things Bitcoin. We’ve introduced an educational section that includes our own Wiki. There’s now a news section and discussion forum as well. Now we are soon offering a video section that will include some partnerships with some of the top price analysis experts and more to come.

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geoOne of the videos which is featured below is a World Crypto Network broadcast with analysis experts George Samman, and Tone Vays. The guys talk about the ongoing movement in Bitcoin price and other global markets such as gold. Bitcoin has had quite a run the past couple of weeks, and Samman and Vays give insight to their predictions on the current price trend. Samman explains through the present Bitcoin chart that he believes we are still in a “bullish” market right now saying, “I always like to look back at the weekly chart to see where we are, and it continues to be bullish. I think that as long as we stay at these levels,” After his review of the digital currency’s value Samman discusses his analysis of China Now Part of the Special Drawing Rights (SDR): Bullish For Bitcoin” that can be found on his blog.

BLXTone Vays, the analysis expert from Brave New Coin, as well as many video broadcasts, feels slightly less confident in Bitcoin’s price trend in this current video. Vay’s says he is “not crazy bullish on Bitcoin just yet” and had expected the price to dip lower during the last drop. Although the price had reached a “secondary high” that wasn’t anticipated. If we can get above current resistance he explains “I will start to be bullish on Bitcoin but until that happens I’m looking at it as a secondary high off of unreasonably high prices” Both of Vays and Samman give a significant portion of researched analysis to various trading and futures markets as well throughout the video. In the video below the two provide a more comprehensive observation within the current global market trends and the valuation of Bitcoin.

We think that videos like this will be useful to other experts and traders, so you will see more videos like this presented on our portal. Whether you are a cryptocurrency enthusiast or just learning about these markets, you will find a lot of useful information here at

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