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News Wallet Users Can Now Purchase More Than $10K Worth of Cryptocurrency

During the end of March, reported on the newly updated Wallet that features a number of new services like digital currency price tracking. The lightning-fast, noncustodial wallet allows people to store BTC and BCH, but also provides people with the ability to purchase crypto assets. This week, Wallet users will be pleased to see that they can purchase more than $10K worth of cryptocurrency using our wallet software. Wallet users can now obtain over $10K worth of BTC or bitcoin cash (BCH) using the integrated system. Our wallet has been extremely popular since it launched a few years ago and developers have been relentlessly improving the platform with every update. The Wallet is extremely fast and our team takes pride in giving people the opportunity to purchase digital assets in a fast and secure manner.

In order to purchase one of the available crypto-assets, simply tap the ‘Buy’ tab in order to access the digital currency you desire.’s buying service shows the user the asset’s exchange rate in the local currency they chose when they created their first wallet. From here, you simply enter the amount of BTC or BCH you would like to purchase, and press the ‘buy now’ tab when you are satisfied. Users can also purchase two types of Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP) tokens; SPICE and USDH. Wallet Allows Users Can Now Purchase More Than $10K Worth of Cryptocurrency
Check out our lightning-fast, noncustodial Wallet today and purchase crypto in no time ($10,800 limit).

You will need to verify your identity in order to complete the purchase, and you also need to provide payment information as well. After all those steps are complete, the digital currency you had purchased will be sent to the address you provide. The process is extremely easy to learn and the ability to purchase more than $10,000 worth of BCH and BTC (spice and USDH as well) is an added bonus. If a user doesn’t want to leverage the Wallet by mobile, they can also opt to purchase digital assets using their desktop. The $10K+ limit has also been extended to our portal, which also allows individuals to purchase ETH, XRP, LTC, BNB, and XLM. Wallet Allows Users Can Now Purchase More Than $10K Worth of Cryptocurrency
Using the web portal besides bitcoin cash (BCH) people can also purchase ETH, XRP, LTC, BNB, XLM, and BTC.

The Wallet also offers a myriad of crypto services that most other clients do not offer. For instance, at any time our wallet users can swap their BTC or BCH using the integration. users can pay for things faster than before with bitcoin cash by leveraging the software’s Instantpay feature. Additionally, our wallet users can also house Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP) tokens in a noncustodial fashion. Lastly, our wallet gives people access to a wide variety of our services at that help promote economic freedom and cryptocurrency knowledge. Making it simple for people to understand, utilize, and store digital currencies has always been’s main goal, and extending the purchasing limits above $10K will make it even easier.

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