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News Wallet Celebrates 500,000 Downloads in Three Months

This week the wallet has reached a significant milestone as we are pleased to announce our wallet app has been downloaded 500,000 times since launching the platform. The landmark shows the rapid growth of cryptocurrencies worldwide as more people are realizing the benefits of decentralized digital assets.

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Individuals Are Downloading Wallets At an Exponential Rate

Three months ago launched its fleet of wallet platforms for Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android operating systems. Since releasing the wallets, we’ve seen exponential growth and users worldwide have given us great feedback about our client. The wallet software is a protocol fork of Bitpay’s popular Copay wallet. We’ve also received an overwhelming amount of requests to support the bitcoin cash network, and since we implemented BCH we’ve become the top bitcoin cash wallet used globally. So far, wallets have been downloaded 513,719 times since launch. Wallet Celebrates 500,000 Downloads In Three Months Looks Forward to Continuing Rapid Growth

The wallet offers a wide variety of services such as multi-currency support featuring BTC and BCH. Users can also purchase bitcoins from the wallet’s interface alongside researching the open source code available on Github. wallets are 100 percent non-custodial which means you are in control of your private keys. We want our wallet users to be absolutely comfortable with the fact that money stored our wallets is only accessible to private key holders.

Roger Ver’s CEO is thrilled with the amount of attention the wallet is getting in just a short period of time.

“Attaining five hundred thousand users on a product that’s barely three months old is a significant milestone for our company,” said CEO Roger Ver. “We look forward to continuing such rapid growth in the coming year.” Wallet Celebrates 500,000 Downloads In Three Months Download the Simple to Use and Robust Wallet Today!

Creating a new wallet is easy and all users are given a seed phrase which allows them to restore a wallet using any compatible operating system. Further, sending and receiving cryptocurrency is simple with a copied address or utilizing the QR code scanning feature. also offers the wallet in multiple languages and options like transaction fee settings can be tailored within the interface. is extremely proud of our 500,000 wallet downloads and we have big plans for major upgrades to the software. So what are you waiting for? Download a wallet for your operating system today!

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