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Bitcoin.com Launches New Telegram Channel

Bitcoin.com is growing, and aims to be the number one hotspot for all things Bitcoin. Now, the news team has created a new Telegram channel that broadcasts every news story to keep you up to date with trending topics.

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Bitcoin.com: The One-Stop Destination For All Things Bitcoin

bitcoin_logoWhen we first started Bitcoin.com, the goal was to educate the masses about cryptocurrency’s many benefits. We are firm believers in decentralization, peer-to-peer networks, and open source code.

Since then, we’ve added how-to sections for wallets and buying Bitcoin. We’ve also added our own forum — a censorship-free area where people can discuss blockchains and cryptocurrency. On top of this, we recently launched Bitcoin Games, a provably fair gaming site with 99% or better expected return.

Bitcoin.com news has also spread its wings, offering up-to-date news announcements and important events in the industry. This includes not only articles to keep our readers informed about what’s happening in the blockchain universe, but also podcasts as well.  

Bitcoin.com’s Telegram Channel

Now, we’ve created a new Telegram channel to display the news headlines we publish all day, every day. All a user has to do is simply join the channel to get regular updates on what’s happening in this growing industry.

Bitcoin.com Telegram channel

We want to invite our readers and all their friends to join our Telegram channel today. There’s a lot going on in Bitcoin. We don’t want you to miss out on any of the hottest trending news subjects. Tell your friends today about Bitcoin.com, and sign up for our Telegram service. You’ll be happy you did!

What do you think about our latest Telegram channel? Let us know in the comments below.

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