Spend Bitcoin on Over 2.5 Million Things at Bitcoin.com


You Can Now Spend BTC on Over 2.5 Million Things at Bitcoin.com

Bitcoin.com has launched its new Spend Bitcoin section, a one-stop-shop where users can spend bitcoin on over 2,500,000 products from reputable merchants across the globe, including Newegg, Overstock and Rakuten. 

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Easily Spend Bitcoin

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Most people think of Bitcoin as an alternative way to pay online, and for the most part, that statement is true. Even though there are brick-and-mortar locations where one can spend Bitcoin in its purest form, most of the retail activity are taking place on the Internet. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, as Bitcoin – and the Internet – are global platforms.

Bitcoin.com is not only the place to be for all information regarding Bitcoin or the latest news in the world of blockchain and digital currency, as it will soon offer a new feature to spend Bitcoin online. Spendabit, as this platform is called, collects all of the information from the best Bitcoin merchants on the Internet, and making it accessible through the Bitcoin.com platform, will help drive consumer adoption of digital currency across the globe.

The Spendabit feature to shop online using Bitcoin is very elegant and easy to use. Visitors can just enter the name of the item they are looking for, and the website will show all of the relevant results on the same page.Moreover, users can filter the results by shop or price range, giving them the results they are looking for.

shopWhat makes this Spendabit feature to spend Bitcoin so appealing is how it includes a lot of different platforms and retailers, and more will be added over time. Most of these services will ship to various locations around the world, making this Bitcoin.com feature accessible and valuable to international Bitcoin enthusiasts.

Additionally, there is a handy link near the top of the Spendabit page for users who do not own [enough] bitcoins to make the purchase. Obtaining additional digital currency can be done through the Coinsbank platform, as they support Bitcoin trading against various fiat currency pairs, including GBP, EUR, and USD. This feature to help consumers spend Bitcoin is designed to offer every bit of information they need in one place.logo

Another feature worth noting is how the Bitcoin.com page will inform users about alternative ways to spend Bitcoin as well. For example, when the users search for an item that is not available online, the page helpfully mentions they can get a Coinsbank Bitcoin debit card. These types of cards can be used wherever major credit and debit cards are accepted.

When using the Spendabit feature on the Bitcoin.com website, users will be presented with so many different platforms to purchase from; they will discover new merchants as well. Some of the more common platforms, such as Rakuten and Overstock.com, sell a wide variety of items. But there are other platforms most people have never heard of which are also included in this directory. In the end, this could ignite a price war, which the consumer will benefit from.

Website: Spend Bitcoin

Will you be trying the new store? Which additions or improvements would you like to see for Spendabit? Let us know in the comments below!

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