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New Podcast: Fidelity Labs – Innovating in the Crypto Space

Our podcast host, Richard Jacobs, talks with Fidelity Labs executive Hadley Stern in this week’s episode. Fidelity Labs is a subset of Fidelity Investments, and Stern discusses how the organization is “Innovating in the Crypto Space.”

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New Podcast: Fidelity Labs – Innovating in the Crypto SpaceWe’ve heard a lot about Fidelity Investments this year when the company’s CEO, Ms. Abigail Johnson, revealed the firm’s upcoming Coinbase integration, mining bitcoins with 21 Inc. computers, and accepting the decentralized currency at the company cafeteria. During our podcast, host Richard Jacobs sits down with Fidelity Lab’s Senior Vice President, Hadley Stern, to discuss how Fidelity Labs is dedicating time to understanding cryptocurrency solutions and blockchain technology. Founded in 1998 Fidelity Labs has eight global locations, 150 members, over 200 patents and aims to “spark new ideas to better people’s financial lives.”

“Our goal,” explains Stern during our weekly podcast, “really is to understand new technologies, experiment with those new technologies, and potentially build new products and services.”

“The way that we segment the world in the way that we think about it related to the blockchain space,” says Stern’s summary of Fidelity Labs blockchain R&D. “There’s the cryptocurrency space — So there’s the emergence of these new tokens and assets — There’s the so-called permissioned blockchain space which is disaggregating that technology out of a cryptocurrency and using it and could perhaps have utility in our business to make things better, faster, cheaper.”

The third bucket we are interested in is what new products and services could be built on top of this technology outside of our current businesses.

Stern details that the Fidelity Lab’s blockchain research is based on a number of partnerships which include the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), The University of London, and Cornell’s IC3. Fidelity Labs believes there will be a lot of value coming from the academic sector and open source community in regards to this innovative technology.

If you want to hear more from Fidelity Lab’s executive Hadley Stern explain how the firm is embracing the cryptocurrency and blockchain revolution check out this week’s podcast here or stream below.

What do you think about the R&D Fidelity Investments is putting into the cryptocurrency space? Let us know in the comments below.

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