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Bitcoin.com Offers Free Newsletter With 3 Subscription Options

Bitcoin.com, a leading source of Bitcoin information, news and education, is proud to announce the launch of their newsletter program. This periodical is completely free and will deliver the most popular news articles, podcasts and more. Unlike other newsletters, Bitcoin.com readers can customize how often they would like to get the to receive the periodical, and can decide between increments of daily, weekly, and quarterly to customize their experience and control how much content is delivered to their mailboxes.

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Bitcoin.com’s Free Newsletter

Bitcoin.com NewsletterBitcoin.com publishes between 4-5 quality articles per day and will continue with a focus on bringing more breaking news stories to make Bitcoin.com a great resource for current news in the Bitcoin industry. Following the rollout of the newsletter, popular content from the forums will also be included, so readers will have a chance to interact with one another and share ideas on things regarding the industry. The forums are a great place to discuss Bitcoin and connect with other members of the community through a easy to use platform.

Bitcoin.com’s customizable newsletter will be delivered starting Monday, March 21, 2016 As Bitcoin.com works to provide top-quality breaking news coverage, the periodical will be a reliable source of information. With this newsletter, readers can be informed right away when a major event takes place. Bitcoin is incredibly fast moving at times and knowing about events as they occur is important to many people.

Readers can subscribe on the sidebar of this article or any other page on the website. Subscribers of the mailing list can also change their preferences of how often they would like the newsletter delivered to their mailbox to better meet their needs as a reader.

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