Bus Shunned by Las Vegas Bitcoiners Over Politics

News Bus Shunned by Las Vegas Bitcoiners Over Politics

The Blush family’s “Dash Across America Tour” in the bus was derailed yesterday when, during their Las Vegas stop, the organizer of the city’s Bitcoin meetup denied them access because of the family’s support for Dash.

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1151-83adc402f71209d9d7553f1072cefb5ad22fa93b01b01dacd7931f1205617649-640x480Catherine Bleish, co-organizer of the tour, 
penned a blog about the occurrence on Steemit. In it, she wrote that she was sad to report that they would not have an official bus meetup in Vegas due to the meetup group’s hostility to the Dash altcoin.

She also said she could not understand why they were having such a hard time reaching out to the organizers to confirm the time and date for the meetup. This was considering that the same people enthusiastically supported their previous Bitcoin-only tour — even helping plan the tour.

It all became clear to her once she messaged one of the organizers of the event and was told she was not welcome to the meetup because of the Dash-oriented theme of the tour. According to the organizer, Dash was nothing more than a “scam,” and he refused to participate in its advocacy.

In addition to his own personal animosity towards the altcoin, it also looks like he’s willing to suppress any discussion about Dash as well. When Bleish attempted to organize an impromptu meeting with the Bitcoiners on the meetup’s Facebook page, she was instantly banned from the group page. 

Dash across America

‘Dash is a Scam,’ Says Meetup Organizer

In Bleish’s Facebook discussion with the organizer, he said that the decision wasn’t personal. It’s just that he didn’t want to be involved with altcoin advocacy. Nevertheless, Bleish still wondered why a simple discussion about the matter couldn’t be had.

bitcoin bus tour shunned

She also asked him why he thought it was a scam. He replied that Dash was an “instamine scam with no innovation,” and that it was vulnerable to sybil attacks due to its incentivized masternode system. Bus Tour VegasBleish and the meetup group organizer continued to debate the pros and cons of DASH, with the conversation getting more heated as it progressed. At the end of the discussion, the group’s organizer accused Bleish of pumping a scam coin and being a “Jehovah’s Witness” for Dash.

The conversation ended with Bleish saying that many in the Bitcoin community don’t see Dash as a scam and that the Vegas meetup group’s organizer had an “obscure view that is being used to silence conversation that should be had.”

What do you think of the spat between Bleish and the Las Vegas Bitcoin Meetup organizer? Let us know in the comments below!

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