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Bitcoin Cash Football: Multiplayer World Cup App Powered By BCH

This week as the world watches the 2018 FIFA World Cup, a new online game called Bitcoin Cash Football has been launched where users can play as managers or players within a season of matches. Players earn fractions of bitcoin cash (BCH) by playing the game, but Bitcoin Cash Football is also having a World Cup tournament where teams can play for jackpots of BCH.    

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The Bitcoin Cash Football App Allows Players to Win BCH and Compete Against Teams

Right now, until the final match on July 15, 2018, the FIFA World Cup is taking place in Russia, and the whole world is watching. During this time a team of developers called Mobtwo released a new app on Google Play called Bitcoin Cash Football. The game is multiplayer, where you can play real players all across the world. Moreover, the game is infused with the decentralized cryptocurrency BCH throughout the season.

Bitcoin Cash Football: Multiplayer World Cup App Powered By BCH

Bitcoin cash is the official in-game currency for the football app and players can buy/sell star athletes, upgrade stadium facilities, training grounds, and a team system all by using BCH. Just like any other games with specialty upgrades, the modifications continue to make improvements to players and stadiums for more competitive gameplay. In addition to this, there will be BCH prices that allow Clubs to compete against each other during the week ending cup competitions and leagues.

“When they are tired of it, they can withdraw their bitcoin cash into their outside wallet,” explains Mobtwo.

This means free players can play the game and earn bitcoin cash (grooming/selling players, winning cups or leagues), if they are willing to put in the effort.

Bitcoin Cash Football: Multiplayer World Cup App Powered By BCH

Player and Manager Modes Give Unique Features

The Bitcoin Cash Football game has a player mode and a manager mode that offer players different features. For instance, using the player mode players can make different choices during their career like buy apartments, planes, maids, and purchase virtual stocks and bonds. Besides recreational activities, the players also compete within the Club matches.

Bitcoin Cash Football: Multiplayer World Cup App Powered By BCH

Manager mode allows users to buy/sell players with other multiplayer users. Furthermore, managers can recruit star players and upgrade stadiums to help you compete for the World Cup.

“You can play 10 defenders if you want to, a super flexible realistic match engine that usually means you’re going to lose the game even with 10-star defenders,” details Mobtwo. “If you’re late, then you have to wait for another week to be included in the competitions.”

The Bitcoin Cash Football creators spread the news about the new app on Reddit and explained that competitions start Monday. When asked if the developers would be creating an iOS version of the game Mobtwo added:

iOS is not friendly to cryptocurrencies so that’s why we chose Android. If there is sufficient demand, then we may consider developing a web version for it.

What do you think about the Bitcoin Cash Football app? Let us know what you think about this subject in the comment section below.

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