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Bitcoin Black Friday: 15% Off World's Biggest Selection of Crypto-Products

The Bitcoin.com store is giving all customers a 15% discount on all products for Black Friday, as well as a chance to enter a photo contest where you can win $150 in store credit.

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Bitcoin Black Friday: Crypto Festivus

Waking up from your annual food coma can only mean one thing: It’s Black Friday! But getting the perfect gift for a cryptocurrency aficionado can still be quite tricky.

"Eureka" painting on sale at the Bitcoin.com store
“Eureka” painting on sale at the Bitcoin.com store

Luckily, the Bitcoin.com store has the widest range of bitcoin and cryptocurrency products in the world including hardware, books, apparel, and art. You won’t find such a wide range of products on offer anywhere else.

Starting November 25th on Black Friday and through November 28th for Cyber Monday, we’ll be offering 15% off all apparel with the code: Crypto Festivus.

We will also have a wide variety of discounts on our products ranging between 15-25% off.

We have the perfect products for holiday gifts made by cryptocurrency enthusiasts for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Thus, if you have some extra bitcoin burning a whole in your digital wallet, we have everything you could possibly want in one place.

We ship globally and your purchases will all arrive in time for the holidays.

Some of our more unique products include:

Mining Pools book


Denarium Physical Bitcoins


One ounce Silver Round


We also have a wide range of Bitcoin hardware wallets on sale to keep your bits safe and secure.

Snap a Pic and Win

The crypto community has come a long way in the last few years. It wasn’t too long ago that finding a business willing to accept bitcoin was almost impossible. Fast forward to today and you can buy almost anything with cryptocurrencies.

We want to celebrate this great success and help promote cryptocurrencies to the larger population this holiday season. This is why the Bitcoin.com is proud to host a special photo contest, where customers can win $150 USD in store credit. 


Snap a picture of the coolest things you’ve bought with cryptocurrency then share it and tag us on Twitter (@BitcoinCom). We want to see your most crypto, most unique, most useful things you have bought with a cryptocurrency!

Let us know what type of other cryptocurrency products you’d like to see on our digital store shelves below!

Images courtesy of bitcoin.com, Wired

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