Bitcoin AMA November 8 - Super Sunday With David Johnston, Valery Vavilov and Sam Lee


Bitcoin AMA November 8: Super Sunday With David Johnston, Valery Vavilov and Sam Lee

Super Sunday is a well-known occurrence in the sports industry, but it can happen in the world of Bitcoin and digital currency as well. On this glorious Sunday, the largest Bitcoin AMA in history keeps trucking along, and no less than three people will answer your questions. David Johnston, Sam Lee, and Valery Vavilov are poised to engage with the Bitcoin community, and to find out what makes us tick.

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Valery Vavilov: BitFury CEO and Co-Founder

Bitcoin.com_Valery Vavilov BitFuryOne company that sparks the imagination of many Bitcoin community members is BitFury. In fact, this company, which was founded in 2011, is one of the very few Bitcoin businesses remaining in operation for more than three years. Due to the team’s hard work and efforts, BitFury has become the world’s leading Bitcoin infrastructure provider and transaction processing company.

Valery Vavilov was there when it all begin for BitFury, as he is the CEO and co-founder of the company. Having a clear vision to steer a business in the right direction is invaluable in any market, and the Bitcoin industry is no different. With services ranging from producing Bitcoin transaction processing hardware to running one of the largest Bitcoin operations in the world, BitFury has a clear plan for the future.

One does not become successful in any business without climbing the ladder in a previous career, though. Valery Vavilov has worked for various companies over the years, starting out as a software developer and IT project manager for ZZ Dats. At a later stage in Valery’s career, he worked as a technology advisor for a few different companies, and co-founded the Craigslist of the Ukraine, among other things.

It is safe to say that Valery Vavilov can give his opinion and insights regarding a wide variety of topic, not all of which have to relate to Bitcoin per sé. The Bitcoin community is invited to ask him questions about just anything that comes to mind. Make sure to keep an eye on the forum today, and make your voice heard!

Sam Lee: CEO of Bitcoin Group

Bitcoin.com_Sam Lee Bitcoin GroupAny company with the term “Bitcoin” in the name is worth keeping an eye on. Bitcoin Group is a team consisting of many prominent Bitcoin enthusiasts, and they have grown out to become Australia’s largest mining operators. As you may have guessed by now, Bitcoin Group focuses on validating as many transactions on the Bitcoin network as they can.

Mining is an essential part of the Bitcoin network, as transactions need to be validated on the blockchain through this complex mathematical process. Running a mining operation out of Australia is not an easy feat, as Bitcoin is subject to taxes in the country. But that isn’t keeping Sam Lee and Bitcoin Group from running a successful business.

Being the CEO of Bitcoin Group is quite a challenge, although Sam Lee is one of the original co-founders of this company. His background in digital media and the financial services — outside of Australia — have proven to be invaluable to the company’s success. Plus, Sam is also one of the founding organizers of the Melbourne Bitcoin Meetup.

Sam Lee is another interesting addition to the list of participants in the largest Bitcoin AMA in history. Make sure to ask him anything and everything that comes to mind! All of the latest information can be found on the forum.

David Johnston: Decentralized Applications Fund Co-founder

Bitcoin.com_David Johnston Dapps FundDecentralizing our society goes much further than just disrupting the financial sector. Decentralized applications will play a major role in the future of our society, and all of these projects need funding to get the ball rolling. The Decentralized Applications Fund (Dapps Fund) has been involved in a fair amount of projects Bitcoin enthusiasts will have heard of.

David Johnston is one of two people making up the Dapps Fund team. As managing director, David is accustomed to long and busy days, but with a large passion for technology and decentralization, there is hardly any day that feels like typical work. This is one of the most beautiful aspects of Bitcoin and Dapps, as people can turn their passions into full-time employment.

Finding successful Dapps that check all of the right boxes does not come easily. Over the years, David Johnston and his colleague, Sam Yilmaz, have done due diligence on various companies in the Dapps ecosystem. Among the list of companies are names like La’Zooz, Ethereum, Storj, and Factom.

Rest assured the Bitcoin community is poised to ask David Johnston a lot of interesting question regarding Bitcoin, decentralization, and Dapps. Keep an eye on the forum for all of the latest information!

Be sure to participate in today’s AMA event on the forums!


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