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Bitcoin AMA November 7: Mike Hearn and OgNasty

Today marks the start of the first weekend session of the biggest AMA event in Bitcoin history. Since BitcoinTalk was inaccessible for several hours yesterday, it is a blessing to have an alternative forum at our disposal. On the agenda for today are OgNasty, treasurer of BitcoinTalk, and Bitcoin Core developer Mike Hearn.

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OgNasty: BitcoinTalk Treasurer and Escrow Service Provider

Bitcoin.com_OgnastyAnyone who has ever used the BitcoinTalk forum will have probably come across the name OgNasty at some point. Whether that had to do with either looking for a reliable escrow service, asking a question about his mining pool, or simply regarding the BitcoinTalk treasury, OgNasty is the go-to guy for a fair amount of different things.

Even though BitcoinTalk may not have the best reputation as of late, there is a fair amount of money sitting in its reserves, waiting to be used for future upgrades. OgNasty is one the longest standing members — both as a Legendary member and a VIP donator — and he can tell you everything you need to know about this forum for all Bitcoin-related discussions.

During his spare time, OgNasty also acts as a trusted escrow on the BitcoinTalk forums. Every day, people look to buy, sell and trade virtual or physical goods in exchange for bitcoin. However, trusting someone over the internet is risky, so having a trusted community member act as an escrow makes both parties feel safer.  

Last but not last, OgNasty also runs the NastyFans Bitcoin mining pool, which has been around for quite some time. While there is some fierce competition in the Bitcoin mining sector, NastyFans is among the few established options that are not run out of China. Make sure to check the pool out when you have the time.

OgNasty will answer any and all questions you may have on the forum later today, so make sure to be there for the event!

Mike Hearn: Bitcoin Core Developer

Bitcoin.com_Mike HearnThe name Mike Hearn has been popping up all over the Bitcoin community forums and platforms in recent months. Most enthusiasts will know Mike as one of the Bitcoin Core developers. His name has also come up in several discussions regarding the “forking” of Bitcoin due to the block size debate.

One can rest assured the discussion between which client is “better” is far from over, and any and all questions regarding this topic are more than welcome during the AMA. Do keep in mind this AMA is not designed to create a shouting match, nor are derogatory comments needed. Keep these discussions as civilized as possible.

Mike Hearn will be more than glad to answer your questions, even if they are not directly related to Bitcoin or digital currency. Keeping in mind that Mike spent some time working for Google — including working on Gmail features — his insights into the future of decentralized and encrypted email usage can be of great value.

There are always more Bitcoin AMA participants than meets the eye, so make sure to check the AMA forum later today!


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