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Bitcoin AMA November 6: Jeff Garzik and Marshall Long

Friday means the weekend is almost upon us, and what better way to celebrate the weekend than by hosting a Bitcoin AMA with Jeff Garzik and Marshall Long? Starting a 9AM EST, Bitcoin Core Developer and DSS CEO Jeff Garzik will be taking your questions and answering them. At noon, the shift will change, and FinalHash’s CTO Marshall Long will take the reigns.

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Jeff Garzik: Juggling Bitcoin Core Development With DSS

Bitcoin.com_Jeff GarzikSome people active in the Bitcoin ecosystem don’t need introductions, but that doesn’t mean people know everything about them. While nearly every Bitcoin enthusiast knows Jeff Garzik as part of the Bitcoin Core developer team, very few people know that he is also the CEO of DSS, a project working on bringing the blockchain to space.

DSS is not the only company working on achieving this goal, although Dunvegan Space Systems is a company to keep an eye on. So far, DSS is in the early stages of bringing decentralized and open source design principles to spaceflight. In the end, the goal is to explore what the solar system has to offer for the betterment of humanity.

According to the Dunvegan Space Systems website, there is one space product being worked on right now, which is called the BitSat. Picture this product as a nano-satellite operating in low Earth orbit to provide decentralized communication and computing systems. In a perfect world, this tool can create the next generation of cloud computing.

Even though most of the questions directed towards Jeff Garzik will probably pertain to Bitcoin Core development, exploring the idea of putting decentralized technology to space is quite enticing. Bitcoin community members are invited to submit all of their questions to Jeff Garzik, and maybe some questions regarding Dunvegan Space Systems will pop up eventually!

Marshall Long: FinalHash CTO

Bitcoin.com_Marshall Long FinalhashDespite the company being named FinalHash, their services extend far beyond the mining business. In fact, FinalHash’s services range from legal help to business development and everything in between. Even aiding in purchasing large amounts of bitcoins is something FinalHash can help you with.

It is important to keep in mind that, while FinalHash is open to everyone in the world, there is an initial screening phase to take into account. Assuming one passes the prospecting and verification stage, there will be a private invitation-only session hosted at one of the many Bitcoin conferences around the world.

In recent times, FinalHash has worked closely with some of the top brands in the Bitcoin industry. Spondoolies Tech, Zoomhash and Ziftr are just a few of the companies Marshall Long and his colleagues have worked with. Truth be told, making a name for oneself in the Bitcoin industry is not an easy feat, and working together with a company like FinalHash can go a long way.

Regardless of what questions you wish to ask Marshall Long, make sure to keep an eye on the forum from noon EST onwards!

Are you looking forward to this day of the largest Bitcoin AMA event in history? Let us know in the comments below!


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