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Billionaire Calvin Ayre Acquires Crypto Media Outlet Coingeek

Gaming industry website Calvinayre.com recently acquired cryptocurrency news site Coingeek.com. This move represents billionaire founder Calvin Ayre’s growing love of bitcoin and his excitement of its rapid growth. However, the move also represents a pivot to combat fake news and ultimately to support the development of bitcoin cash. 

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Calvin Ayre and Coin Geek Address Fake News

Billionaire Calvin Ayre Acquires Crypto Media Outlet Coingeek

According to a Calvinayre.com press release, the site was originally built in order to address rampant fake new circulating in the gaming industry and elsewhere. Ayre noticed a similar intent with the Coingeek website. He thought it was a tragedy that so much fake news has been circulating about bitcoin, especially since the establishment seems to be “alarmist” and “inaccurate” with its coverage. The press release elaborated on its plan:

The plan is for Calvinayre.com to continue to cover Bitcoin news as it relates to the gaming industry, while using its considerable resources to enable Coingeek.com to hire more technical and media personnel, thereby allowing the site to provide truly global coverage of this rapidly expanding economic instrument.

Bitcoin’s Growth and Calvin Ayre’s Initiatives

Besides taking on Coingeek and trying to fight fake news, Ayre also recently accepted job of special envoy for technological development to Antigua and Barbuda. The press release mentioned Ayre and news site industry wants to help lead in bitcoin-related commerce.

Calvin Ayre Acquires Coingeek.org and Shows Support for Bitcoin Cash
Calvin Ayre

Jamie Redman, writing for bitcoin.com, covered Ayre’s appointment as envoy to Antiqua and Barbuda. He said, “On August 8, the government of Antigua and Barbuda has announced the billionaire Calvin Ayre will serve as the region’s Economic Envoy, and will advise the sovereign island states on ‘where blockchain technology is being utilised.’”

Government on the islands plans on leveraging Ayre’s knowledge of bitcoin and gaming to help them develop on infrastructure for technology. They expect Ayre’s expertise to “re-invigorate” the gaming industry on the islands.

Ayre Supports Bitcoin Cash

Besides putting his energy into helping develop bitcoin in places like Antigua and Barbuda, Ayre has also show support for bitcoin cash. He believes that massive on-chain scaling is the proper solution to the bitcoin scaling conundrum. Ayre even believes that bitcoin cash could become the bitcoin. The press release elaborated:

“Ayre maintains that massive on-chain scaling is needed for Bitcoin transaction fees to become small enough to enable micro-transactions, and Ayre believes the Bitcoin Cash blockchain will become the one ‘chain that powers the world´, a view shared by the Government of Antigua & Barbuda.​”​

Calvin Ayre Acquires Coingeek.org and Shows Support for Bitcoin Cash
Calvin Ayre Wake Boarding

What do you think about Calvin Ayre acquiring Coingeek.org? Do you believe bitcoin cash will become the world’s actual bitcoin? Let us know in the comments below.

Images courtesy of Shutterstock, Calvin Ayre, and Calvinayre.com

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