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BHEX Rebranded as HBTC Exchange & Launch Innovative HBC 10x PE Repurchase Plan

BHEX has rebranded as HBTC Exchange with a new domain of According to the sharing from James Ju, the founder and CEO of HBTC Exchange. HBTC has come to a 2-year anniversary and did a 2-year glance, upgrade of HBTC Chain (previously known as Bluehelix Chain or BHEX Chain), and the innovative upgrade of native token of HBC from BHT.

Strong background, leading products, two years of dormant pursuit of excellence HBTC received investment from Huobi, OKEx, and other institutions when it was established in April 2018; and raised 15 million US dollars in angel round. In July, the token fund investment was supported by 40 institutions, raising another 20,000 ETH.

The HBTC exchange has gathered the best talents in technology, blockchain wallet, supply chain, and derivatives. These talents joined HBTC from Tsinghua University, Peking University, Stanford University, Columbia University, and other famous schools. Also, ex-employees from Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent, Google, and other top companies choose to land at HBTC, contributing rich industry experience.

In the past two years, HBTC has launched 3 major product lines: Bluehelix Cloud, HBTC Exchange, and HBTC Chain. The architecture of the Bluehelix cloud trading system is leading the entire industry, achieving the ultimate level in terms of performance and scalability. It can support more than 200 exchanges and millions of end-users to conduct transactions at the same time. There have been no stability and security accidents by now. HBTC trading system achieved extreme short-latency on transactions, the average processing time of each order being 80-90 microseconds, less than 0.0001 seconds. HBTC has completed 4,054 non-stop upgrades, and more than 104,502 system re-constructions have been performed so far.

HBTC has gained extraordinary business results during the last 2 years. Bluehelix Cloud has served more than 230 exchanges, covering 12 countries and regions with more than 10 million end-users. More than ten thousand crypto assets are circulated on Bluehelix Cloud with a total value of 6 billion USDT.

HBTC Chain with Killer Applications: Decentralized Swap & Cross-chain cBTC
HBTC Chain is the most heavily invested, longest, and time-consuming project ever done by the team, said James Ju.

DeFi applications can be developed on top of the HBTC chain, such as a decentralized swap, where the private key cannot be solely controlled by any party. It can further prevent information leakage even without the KYC process. Assets are secured by functions like invalidation and cancellation of transactions.

The cBTC, issued by the HBTC chain, connects different public chains and achieves complete decentralization. It can trade with all platforms without KYC. The cBTC is 1: 1 mapping with a high level of transparency and safety, so there is no redemption risk.

HBTC: A Completed Rebranding Upgrade
In order to enhance brand recognition and boost retail business, the original BHEX exchange was rebranded as HBTC Exchange. It cost millions to upgrade the domain to

To ensure the safety of assets and enhance the credibility of transactions. HBTC launched platform asset transparency and transaction data trust mechanisms. The exchange provides a 100% Proof of Reserve and a 100% transaction trading fee proof in order to protect end-users’ assets safety and platform credibility.

Innovative Model, Platform token upgrades to HBTC
HBC is the upgraded generation of BHEX platform token BHT, designed to support the launch of the HBTC chain and rebranding upgrades. The HBC token represents the core rights and interests of the three product lines, namely, the HBTC exchange, the HBTC Chain, and the Bluehelix Cloud. HBC has launched 2 innovations based on the original BHT’s rights and interests:

A. Brand New 10x PE repurchase model
HBTC re-designed the original repurchase model by using 100% of HBTC’s revenue with the price calculated by 10x PE (10x PE = HBC price /annualized revenue per HBC * 10) on the secondary market to repurchase HBC daily.
B. Brand new HBTC Captain incentive model
The platform will use 50% of the HBC tokens obtained from the daily repurchase to reward the core contributors of the platform. HBTC hopes to create a new way of working and promote value sharing and platform building.

The BHT can be converted to HBC from 13:00 on April 20, 2020, at the HBTC official website.
Both current circulating BHT and the team locked-up token will be converted to the 21 million HBC produced from the Genesis block proportionally. After the exchange is completed, all 1,060,051,500 locked-up BHT will be destroyed.

Besides, James also introduced HBC’s repurchase mechanism and value expectations. HBTC will use 100% of the platform’s revenue and 80% of the profit of Bluehelix Cloud to execute the buyback. On the repurchase price, 80% of the revenue of the previous day is used for the 10 times PE pricing the current day, and 20% of the revenue is used for the 5 times PE pricing repurchase for price support, and any unexecuted orders will remain on the order book. The repurchased tokens will be allocated such that 50% airdropped to all partners, 40% is used for platform operational costs, and 10% are destroyed quarterly after being locked.

In terms of value expectations, James believes that the HBTC platform only needs to obtain about 20% market share, in order to support a 342-fold increase in token prices spike.

Become an HBTC Captain and enjoy the top ten exclusive rights such as daily repurchase airdrop James also announced the recruitment and working mechanisms of the community volunteers, HBTC Captain. Every user with 1000HBC can apply to become an HBTC Captain and participate in the sharing and development of the HBTC platform.

Ten Exclusive Benefits of HBTC Captain, Register
1. 50% of the tokens acquired from the daily repurchase will be shared amongst all HBTC Captains via airdrops.
2. An inviter for HBTC Captain will receive a 2% profit share of the invited HBTC Captain’s airdrop reward once at the joined day.
3. HBC’s price gains in the secondary market
4. Income distribution of HBC locked-up tokens in the Mining of DPOS Nodes staking
5. With no expiry on invitation rebates, you can now enjoy a 30% commission on the transaction fees generated by the invited users
6. Voting rights on major decisions such as project listing and community development
7. Receive VIP Level 1 status and discounts on trading fee (kindly refer to VIP discount guide)
8. Recommendation and voting rights for project listing with attractive rewards
9. Exclusive One-to-One customer service
10. Set up exchange business with Bluehelix Whitelabel Exchange System at zero cost

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