BCH Merchant Directories Now List 4,300 Bitcoin Cash-Accepting Businesses

Businesses around the world continue to adopt bitcoin cash (BCH) and in 2020 merchant acceptance continues to grow. Tallying up all the companies that accept BCH listed on sites like Green Pages,,, and Anypay shows there’s more than 4,300 BCH supporting merchants worldwide.

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4,392 Bitcoin Cash Accepting Merchants

For over two and a half years, BCH proponents have been relentlessly promoting merchant adoption throughout the world. On Sunday the aggregate total of all merchants that accept BCH is approximately 4,392. Websites that display merchant data include, Green Pages, Anypay, and This week, according to the Reddit user u/neonwasteland, 53 new merchants were added. The Reddit account updates the BCH community every week with an adoption thread called “Merchant Monday – Because Bitcoin was meant to be spent.”

BCH Merchant Directories Now List 4,300 Bitcoin Cash-Accepting Businesses‘s merchant directory shows 1,894 brick-and-mortar BCH merchants.

Neonwasteland obtained merchant data from three different websites and explained that has approximately 1,140 online merchants listed. (formally Marco Coino) indicates there are 1,894 brick-and-mortar merchants, “which is 52 more than last week,” Neonwasteland noted. “You can find 1,203 merchants of all types on Green Pages, which is one more than last week,” the BCH enthusiast remarked.

BCH Merchant Directories Now List 4,300 Bitcoin Cash-Accepting Businesses
The merchant directory has 1,140 online BCH accepting merchants listed.

Further, after tallying up all the merchants from the three sites and adding the 155 Anypay merchants worldwide, there’s around 4,392 bitcoin cash accepting merchants. With the payment processor Bitpay’s merchant list, the aggregate number grows even larger.

BCH Merchant Directories Now List 4,300 Bitcoin Cash-Accepting Businesses
Green Pages has 1,203 BCH accepting businesses listed.

High Concentrations of BCH Merchants and Crypto-Acceptance-per-Capita’s merchant directory shows there are large concentrations of BCH merchants in certain regions around the globe. The U.S. and South America capture around 716 BCH-accepting brick-and-mortar businesses. With Gocrypto locations swarming Croatia and Slovenia, indicates there’s more than 505 BCH-accepting merchants between both regions.

BCH Merchant Directories Now List 4,300 Bitcoin Cash-Accepting Businesses
Slovenia has the most BCH-accepting physical locations worldwide.

Gocrypto has around 620 locations to date and people can make purchases via the Wallet and Elly app. Another dense region of BCH acceptance includes Australia and the upper region of North Queensland as there’s around 208 merchants in the whole country. Another country with a bunch of bitcoin cash retail acceptance in Japan with roughly 90 merchants according to

BCH Merchant Directories Now List 4,300 Bitcoin Cash-Accepting Businesses
Australia and specifically Bitcoin Cash City in North Queensland has a dense population of physical businesses that accept bitcoin cash.

For BCH supporters, 2020’s goals are no different than the years prior and spreading merchant adoption is very important to community members. The libertarian enclave and “crypto mecca” in Keene continues to spread crypto adoption as well, as Ian Freeman from Free Talk Live told the BCH community that Keene’s merchant acceptance is growing robust. Keene has a high concentration of crypto acceptance per-capita and merchants accept coins like dash and bitcoin cash via the Anypay payment processor.

BCH Merchant Directories Now List 4,300 Bitcoin Cash-Accepting Businesses
The crypto payment processor Anypay has around 155 merchants. Many merchants in the “crypto mecca” of Keene leverage Anypay’s services.

On Friday, Free Talk Live cohost Freeman wrote: “The Keene area now has three additional local businesses that are accepting cryptocurrency for their services [and] all three are mobile businesses and will travel to their customers. [The businesses] were all added to the local Coinmap in the last month.” The Keene resident added:

That brings the already very high concentration of businesses accepting crypto to an all-new level, keeping Keene in the top tier of cities globally that are high in crypto-acceptance-per-capita.

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Overall, BCH supporters are pleased with the level of adoption that’s taking place and many believe there is much more to come throughout the year. For instance, George Donnelly from the BCH LATM initiative plans to leverage BCH to create a “viral/feedback-loop mass adoption system.” Other Bitcoin Cash supporters are using Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP) tokens as well to promote onchain use and BCH adoption in general. With BCH adoption continuing to grow during the first month of 2020 it should be interesting to see how many merchants are onboarded by the year’s end.

What do you think about the 4,300 Bitcoin Cash accepting businesses worldwide? What do you think about the specific regions with higher concentrations of BCH adoption? Let us know what you think about this subject in the comments section below.

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