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Barry Silbert Bullish on New Bitcoin Trading App, Keza

Digital Currency Group CEO, Barry Silbert, among others have invested in and endorsed the release of Keza (, an app which allows anyone to invest in stocks and shares with Bitcoin.

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Keza: ‘Huge Market’ Potential

Silbert announced his investment yesterday as the latest move by the Digital Currency Group, of which he is founder.

Also investing are HOF Capital and blockchain startup incubator BoostVC. Pre-seed investment at Keza has already reached in excess of $350,000 USD.

Keza itself features arguably the most flexible interpretation of what is becoming a popular product for Bitcoin. Three “styles” of trading – modest, conservative and aggressive – allow users to choose the level of exposure to volatile assets and keep tabs on risk to their capital.

Simon Burns

Speaking in an online written Q&A session on ProductHunt, co-founder Simon Burns stated the platform is designed to appeal to amateur traders, or even those whose priority is not trading itself, but Bitcoin as a financial solution.

“Our core user base is likely going to be users in emerging markets who don’t have access to high calibre investments and have moved into bitcoin for either usage for banking services (remittances, cross-border payments) or who see it as a store of value,” Burns explained.

He continued:

That’s all a pretty wordy way of saying I think the core users will be early adopters of technology, mostly in countries with strong bitcoin adoption, who are looking to invest for their future.

Keza is set to function as a one-stop shop for investments, transmitting user funds to partners in a similar ideology to that of recently beta-launched OpenBazaar for peer-to-peer purchasing. Fees reflect the market, with 1% AUM charged in monthly increments. There is also no minimum investment amount, allowing users to invest “as little as satoshis.”

Tweeting on the releases Wednesday, Coinbase business developer Nick Tomaino voiced his “excitement” at the two products coming to market in the US.

Rise of Investment Apps

In addition to this week’s OpenBazaar trial release on the Testnet, strong signs have come from XBT Provider, the pioneering firm to launch the world’s first Bitcoin exchange-traded note (ETN) on a regulated exchange, NASDAQ Nordic, in April 2015.

Following the success of its Bitcoin Tracker One product and the launch of a second, Bitcoin Tracker Euro, in October last year, XBT is now looking towards international expansion, reports.Keza

Marketing Manager Christoffer De Geer told the publication:

The Bitcoin industry has seen emergence of an increasing number of startups and applications utilizing micropayments to offer real-world applications such as remittance and online incentive services, leading the general population […] to recognize the practical usages of Bitcoin transactions.

What do you think about the mass potential appeal for Bitcoin-based private trading? Get involved in the comments below!

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