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Australian Opposition Leader Believes Bitcoin is Fueling Terrorism

The left opposition leader of Australia, Bill Shorten, has indicated he wants to deter use of cryptocurrencies and bitcoin. The leader said this Tuesday in a house of representatives meeting. Shorten suggested that terrorists are starting to leverage dark markets and other nefarious venues to fuel their bad deeds. 

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He said, “I refer to the use of the digital currency bitcoin and theAustralian Opposition Leader Believes Bitcoin is Fueling Terrorism use of the dark web, a network of untraceable online activities and hidden websites, allowing those who wish to stay in the shadows to remain hidden. Terrorists are increasingly using this network to avoid detection, conduct planning and acquire capability and tools to carry out their evil actions”

Shorten loosely admitted that government does not yet know enough about cryptocurrency or the dark web to handle them. In his statement he referenced them, saying, “There are two things we simply do not know enough about to deal with properly.” This also implies the Australian government could approach the issue in a variety of ways, but that cryptocurrency is a growing concern as a result of possible “terrorism.”

He finished by claiming certain actions are necessary for the safety and security of the Australian citizens. He said:

Just as we continue to do everything in our power to protect Australians, we must do everything in our power to foster cohesion in our society. This is a responsibility we bear as national leaders and also an obligation shared by the leaders of Australia’s Muslim community.

Cryptocurrency Inspires Fear and Love

The Australian leader wants everyone in their country to share their fear of dark markets and cryptocurrencies since terrorists could possibly exploit them. However, the current times are strange. Some countries and their government, like Australia, harbor a deep skepticism toward cryptocurrencies and bitcoin. But others seem to take a more positive approach. They may even love digital currencies.

For instance, places like Japan and, more recently, Australian Opposition Leader Believes Bitcoin is Fueling TerrorismRussia…appear to harbor more positive and loving feelings toward the currencies. Japan has already accepted digital currencies on the whole, and Russia is considering it as vitally important for the future.

On the other side of the coin, some countries like Ecuador, have already banned cryptocurrencies and punish people for using them. It seems that Australia’s leadership has similar sentiments like in Ecuador, except not quite as extreme.

It is increasingly interesting to watch varying perspectives crop up within different countries around the world as bitcoin and other crypto-assets become more popular.

Do you think Australia will take measures to ban cryptocurrencies or use other strong regulation against it? Let us know in the comments below. 

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  • 4siteonline

    not today its not pal – impecable timing

  • Things that make you stop and say’ “Oh fuck off”

    ISLAM is fueling terrorism. FTFY

  • Jean-luc Lejoly

    Sorry But that Bitcoin is fueling Terrorisme may just as valid as US Dollars are fueling terrorisme, just like US Dollars are fueling the blackmarket and US Dollares are fueling illegal drugs sales, and currently all of those at a way higher amount than Bitcoin. The same is valid for Euro, Yen and pretty much every FIAT currency our there .. .Heck even Diamonds and gold are fueling illegal and terrorist activities. And Guess what… all those currencies or hard values canot be traced back if they are exchanged hand to hand… just like with bitcoin and any other crypto currency. Therefor it is just shamefull to even write that Bitcoin or any other crypto currency is fueling Terrorisme, because if you do that you have to do the same for every other traditional means of value exchange out there…. even bathering…..

  • Dave Clark

    Head in sand syndrome. Once again we lag the pack.

  • milmacrs

    Terrorism is fueled by ideology, greed and impunity

  • yo yasse

    ok Bill Shorten, then show us ONE SINGLE terrorist attack which was financed by a digital currency. You won´t find not one single one. So please, stop spreading lies and panic!

    Terrorist attacks in Europe and the US are extremely low budget and the big terrorist organizations in the Middle East or Africa are financed by governments, secret services and company constructions which use conventional bank transfers.

  • Global Services Ltda

    Let me think a second, before September 11, 2001 Osama Bin Laden purchased millions if shares, short, on AA and United.
    Who funds terrorism?
    Wall Street?
    No way! (Cough)

  • CryptoSam

    Politicians are fueling ignorance.

  • travis gibbs

    He’s only saying that because he’s part of the partys that print more dollars every year and spends them like a terrorist trying to destroy every one’s else’s life making him self richer.

    • sjs

      Yep, he’s the leader of the labor party. Socialist, democrat whatever you want to call them. Bludger and something for nothing exploiter of the people.

      • envious fred

        Whereas Turnbull’s rich fascists don’t manipulate markets at any time?

        • sjs

          Turnbull didn’t make this statement, Shorten did. Stay focused.

  • Brian Keim

    Who was funding Wars, Drug Cartels, Fraud, etc before Bitcoin?? Easy BANKS! Banks fund wars, Banks Fund terrorism, Banks caused the financial collapse 2008, Banks commit Fraud and nothing is done to them.

    • envious fred

      No wonder the banks are HATED globally.

  • sjs

    Shorten is a Unionist and a butt kissing Polly. He will say anything that makes no sense to grab a little attention and he is a barnacle on the anus of progress. They walk among us – regrettably. He wouldn’t know a train was up him until the people got out.

  • bill

    bitcoin is honest money . the US dollar and all fiat moneys are dishonest. thats only the start……. . in the long run honest moneys will make society more equal, there will be less wars, more peace, less nefarious activities. honest money rewards honest work

  • Coinoleum

    Oil fuels most terrorism.

  • envious fred

    Another moron from the political world of “I know F-ALL about it so I’ll make up some sensationalist B.S.” That’s rich coming from a crim descendant.

    • sjs

      More than 50% of Australians are either immigrants or 1st decedents of immigrants who are not ‘crim decendants’. Secondly you should inform yourself of the nature of these so called crimes. Just as all Americans are not Indian murderers although 75% of the Indian population was murdered – largest genocide in human history.

  • Japanese people have an average IQ of 107. Ecuadorian people have an average IQ of 85. Do the math.

  • Third try at getting this commentary in with out spam detection—- A terrorist needs(edited for the trolling spam label-rs)(a Lobotomy would be better) How many of these terrorist are found with an over abundance of cash laying around. None, you say…well I guess I have not found his stash. I thought the line was that they are radicals not fundamentalist with bills to pay. Did not that terrorist in London have a credit card near its limit and could not get a bigger van because his credit was declined? I think their was a bank involved for sure. So if a terrorist needs things, he sits down at a pc or settles in with a cell phone and shops at a market place who just so happens to take bitcoin? Or, he knows the arms dealer who operates his whole system on bitcoin? Then get off your soggy bottoms and find the dealers, because I am sure you will find more than just bitcoin laying around at the arms dealer. And, I am pretty sure these terrorists are stealing and making off with the ingredients (edited for the trolling spam label-rs) without paying a dime and laying up in a baby-mamas apartment who is living off of the State or maybe even so bold the terrorist is taking well-fare themselves, all the while spending their time perfecting doom. I am certain bitcoin has nothing to do with it in the least. Soft on Crime Liberals and Social Engineering types in the Government are the problem. They leave the public wide open to be ravaged by predators. Self-serving Egotists think a single currency with traceable ends will solve their laziness and will-less-ness. MORONS!!!

  • Daniel

    Bitcoin should terrify politicians, it takes power away from them and all their 1% mates. Terrorism is subjective.

  • Darren James Law

    “There are two things we simply do not know enough about to deal with properly.” – So stop there Bill and go do your research you peanut

  • Tamal Dutt

    crime and terrorism comes form ideology and a terror mind person who sarifice his / her life he can sacrifice his hard earn money and also can robe local fiat currency to do the terror. Bitcoin need to regulate and own countries local fiat currency must not be more than @Rs. 10/- and more money when spend it must be digitally.