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Apple Tells Jaxx To Remove Dash

The team at Decentral recently announced that Ethereum Classic would be supported by their flagship product the Jaxx wallet. Alongside this very announcement, the team received word today from Apple that they want Dash removed from the Jaxx interface.

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Jaxx Told By Apple To Remove Dashpay

On the heels of telling the public that Jaxx would support Ethereum Classic the Toronto-based Decentral received some bad news today. It seems Apple only considers a few approved coins on iOS which are Bitcoin, Litecoin, the DAO, Doge, and Ripple according to Decentral’s CEO Anthony Di Iorio. Over Twitter today Di Iorio told the public the bad news saying:     

Apple just called. They want Dash removed from Jaxx. Only some coins authorized for the App Store. We’re determining course of action.

The good news came earlier this morning when Decentral revealed it would be integrating ETC to the wallet across all nine platforms. At first, the team said it wouldn’t be adding the unofficial chain to the platform anytime soon. However, in the company’s spare time they’ve been working to get the wallet ready for Ethereum Classic integration.

Di Iorio explains that Ethereum Classic is the 6th highest cryptocurrency market cap in the industry, and he’s never been against supporting it. The CEO reveals that he’s not a maximalist and Jaxx “shares a similar philosophy.” Di Iorio stated in Decentral’s announcement today:

Adding ETC just makes sense for Jaxx: we’ve received tons of requests from both ETC fans and ETH fans and all those in between to provide integration. People need ways to store ETC outside of exchanges.

dishIt’s unfortunate that Apple has decided to censor the Jaxx implementation of Dash. This may be due to the large tech firm censoring a protocol application that could provide users financial privacy. Apple had taken issue earlier this year when Ethereum was added to the iOS cryptocurrency roster and eventually let that specific token slide.

With the announcement of ETC added to Jaxx while simultaneously be told to remove Dash, it could mean bad news for Ethereum Classic integration or support for more cryptocurrencies in the future. Dash fans will be disappointed as it seems Apple is only allowing certain virtual currencies they deem acceptable for the time being.

What do you think about the latest news about Dash being removed from the Jaxx interface? Let us know in the comments below.

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