It appears that Bitstamp is blocking user access from Russia again

This will be the second time this year that the bitcoin exchange Bitstamp is blocking user access from Russia.

It first happened in January 2016, when Russian telecommunications regulator Roskomnadzor blocked access for several bitcoin related websites. Bitstamp began blocking Russian users citing the Russian government is prohibiting access to Bitstamp’s website for all of their Russian customers.

A month later in February, Bitstamp became accessible again from Russia. However, it appears the issue has come up again and Russian users are being blocked again from accessing Bitstamp.

According to Bitstamp, the decision was taken due to attempts of the Russian government to limit access to the company’s website for Russian users. Coinfox wrote that Bitstamp management decided to block Russia users on their end until the situation clarifies. The exchange is ensuring that all user funds remain safe.

Bitstamp told Coinfox in regards to the current issue:

“We have no information of any misuse of our services by any Russian customer. Bitstamp poses no threat to the security of Russia or its economy.”

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Bitstamp is trying to work with Russian regulators to get access returned for Russian users. Late last month Bitstamp moved headquarters to Luxembourg and was granted a license to be a fully regulated and licensed exchange in the EU.

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