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ANX International is launching a full suite of blockchain services soon

ANX International which is headquartered in Hong Kong, is planning on launching a full suite of blockchain services in six days.

ANX International is a bitcoin services provider, which has a bitcoin exchange ANXBTC for people to buy and sell bitcoin, as well as other services such as bitcoin debit cards. And in their newest foray in the bitcoin space, they are planning to launch the ANX Blockchain Services full services suite.

If you visit their current services page, you will see the countdown clock as pictured above (at the time of this publishing). The explanation says that ANX will provide users with the ability to create their own blockchain services using their platform. This includes generating custom digital assets, for example using the application to create payment applications, token systems, vouchers, coupons, and registry systems.

The full suite of services according to ANX International includes a digital wallet which has multisig support and cold storage. ANX will also be providing an out-of-the-box blockchain explorer and API. ANX has already been in the business of providing white label bitcoin exchange solutions, such as DigaTrade. In the past they acquired other bitcoin exchanges Justcoin and CoinMkt to help expand their reach as well as help develop their white label exchange framework.

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Now it’s clear that ANX is looking to expand beyond just white label exchanges and into all realms of bitcoin and blockchain services with their upcoming launch.'
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