ANX International goes live with instant blockchain services platform

ANX International goes live with instant blockchain services platform

ANX International officially launched their blockchain-as-a-service platform ABS which provides free and instant access to anyone that wants to build digital assets using blockchain applications.

ANX Blockchain Services (ABS) is a cloud platform built on blockchain technology. Blockchain technology can be implemented across all industries. One of its most popular applications is for digital assets development, which extends beyond digital assets to include loyalty rewards points, vouchers, tokens, and gift cards.

Blockchain technology which is powered by bitcoin, provides a secure and reliable ecosystem for companies to issue digital assets that customers can buy, sell or trade easily and openly. Other blockchain applications which may or may not use bitcoin to secure transactions include payment solutions, social networking and financial systems.

In a video of the global launch, ANX International CTO Hugh Madden speaks at a conference about ABS. It’s a bit of a long video but it helps you understand the steps leading up to the launch and what ABS is.

Hong Kong based ANX International is a bitcoin services provider, which has a bitcoin exchange ANXBTC for users to buy and sell bitcoin. ANX also provides white label bitcoin exchange solutions, such as DigaTrade. In the past they acquired other bitcoin exchanges Justcoin and CoinMkt to help expand their reach as well as help develop their white label exchange framework.

ANX also boasts some interesting statistics, stating that they have 1 million users worldwide, have processed 100 million transactions, and have issued 500,000 debits cards.