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News Expands Cryptocurrency Acceptance for Enhanced Privacy

This week the web portal, a site dedicated to non-interventionism and the opposition of war, has announced the nonprofit is expanding its acceptance of digital currencies. Antiwar plans to accept three more decentralized cryptocurrencies in order to enhance donor privacy.

Also read: Wallet Celebrates 500,000 Downloads in Three Months Now Accepts Bitcoin Cash, Dash, and Zcash for Donations Expands Cryptocurrency Acceptance for Enhanced is an activist website initiated in 1995 dedicated to promoting freedom and ending the military-industrial complex. The nonprofit is a recognized 501(c)3 organization and was one of the earliest known charities to accept bitcoin donations back in 2012. This week Antiwar has announced it will be expanding its acceptance of digital assets and will now accept bitcoin cash, zcash, and dash. 

The acceptance of the three new cryptocurrencies was announced on the same day as the nonprofit’s Armistice 2017 project. ‘Armistice Day’ was the original name for Veteran’s Day and focused on the celebration of peace. General donations help the group promote the pro-peace movement’s message on this day by asking people to recognize peace instead of war.

The advocacy group and war reporting news organization’s move to allow more cryptocurrencies was planned to “further enhance donor privacy and protection from big brother’s prying eyes.”

“We take the protection our donors’ privacy very seriously,” the nonprofit organization’s executive director, Angela Keaton told adopted Bitcoin usage five years ago, recognizing its (then) enhanced privacy features and low transaction costs. Now that digital currency in maturing, we want to take advantage of tokens that offer even greater security and privacy features.     

Precautions to Protect Supporters from Government Overreach

Ms. Keaton believes the non-interventionist ideology is growing, but governments are monitoring individuals and groups who support the movement against war. Cryptocurrencies add a layer of privacy where users can promote ideas that are considered controversial to the current status quo.

“We became aware, some time ago, that our non-interventionist stance and dissent on U.S. foreign policy had made us a target of increased government monitoring,” Ms. Keaton explained to “We don’t want that to impact our supporters.”

What we do is constitutionally protected speech, yet in a post 9/11 world we find it necessary to take additional precautions to protect our supporters from government overreach. We selected these three additional cryptocurrencies because of their enhanced security and privacy features and we are excited to add them to our donation capabilities.

Using Cryptocurrencies to Help End All the World’s Unjust Wars has pledged $20,000 in cryptocurrency towards’s efforts to spread peace and end war.

The nonprofit organization aims to keep its online magazine and research tools available to all global inhabitants. Ms. Keaton tells the additional digital assets will help forward the nonprofit’s goals towards ending war. Since accepting bitcoin in 2012, the digital asset has helped spread its message and has also allowed the group to work with other crypto-friendly activist organizations like Bitcoin Not Bombs, and The folks at Antiwar are also vehemently against the drug war and believe it plagues society with its violence and victimless crime interventionism as well.

As Ms. Keaton told us in the past, “Once people reject war, central banking, and the police state, they might learn to engage one other without relying on force and fraud.”

What do you think about accepting bitcoin cash, dash, and zcash? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.  

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