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Android Users Can Now Use Breadwallet

After two years of waiting, Android users will now be able to use the popular Breadwallet application. Today the team behind the Bitcoin wallet has released its Android version through the Google Play store and has also released the source code via GitHub repositories.

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Breadwallet Goes Android

53c86e1557f55929005449Two years ago, Breadwallet debuted for iOS users through the App Store in June of 2014. Since then the wallet has gained attention and a good reputation for being a secure Bitcoin wallet that connects to the network without relying on central servers. This has provided Breadwallet users the ability to manage their funds on their own, and the company says thousands of people have “started their Bitcoin journey with Breadwallet and have remained as loyal users ever since.”

Since the Apple release, many Android users have been asking the firm when the app will be available for their OS. The company knows that Android users greatly outnumber those using iOS, and most companies want to maximize their success by supporting both platforms.

However, Breadwallet remained focused on iOS solutions for security reasons, and now the company believes things have changed. spoke with the founder and CEO of Breadwallet Aaron Voisine, who explained:   

We launched Breadwallet on iOS back in 2014 because it was the most secure popular computing platform out there. With the new security enhancements introduced in Marshmallow, we’re excited now to be able to bring the same simple user experience and rigorous level of security to Android users.

The team says Apple is a bit “draconian” when it comes to adding apps to the iOS landscape. However, one of the benefits of Apple is they enforce digital signatures before distribution, they check for hidden viruses and malware, and every app goes through a rigorous review. Additionally, Apple gives developers access to the iPhone hardware-encrypted storage allowing creators to build super secure applications. Data is kept safe on a chip stored on the device, and nobody can steal it because they have no doors to access.

Bitcoin.com_AndroidBy utilizing Apple’s standards, Breadwallet has maintained the fact that “no customer funds have been stolen” with its wallet application since its inception. “Hardware-level encryption was our bare minimum for security, and was something Apple ensured, and Android didn’tuntil now,” the team adds. 

The app will only run on hardware level protected phones, and Android 6.0 users can download the application today.

“We’re the security experts, so you don’t have to be, and we’re confident every Breadwallet is secure enough to even store a million dollars or more,” the team explains. “If you have a device running Android 6.0 or higher, look us up in the Play Store. We’ll be waiting!”

What do you think about the Breadwallet platform being released for Android? Let us know in the comments below.

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