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Amelie Arras Prepares to Defend Bitcoin's Title at Money 20/20 Asia Race

It has been announced that the Marketing Director of Adastra Marketing, Amelie Arras, will look to defend bitcoin’s crown in the upcoming Money20/20 Asia Payments Race. Mrs. Arras is hoping to repeat her performance from last year, where she defeated four other participants to claim victory for bitcoin in the Money20/20 USA Payments Race.

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Bitcoin to Defend Title at Upcoming Payment Race

Amelie Arras Prepares to Defend Bitcoin's Title at Money 20/20 Asia RaceAmelie Arras will look to defend bitcoin’s crown in the upcoming Money20/20 Asia Payments Race, in which Mrs. Arras will attempt to cross Asia solely using BTC. The five-day race is scheduled to commence in Hong Kong on the 10th of March, during which Mrs. Arras will exclusively transact in bitcoin, before arriving at the Money 20/20 Asia Conference in Singapore.

“My experience from the previous Payments Race showed me first hand that acceptance at a merchant level is not what I can rely on to win. Instead, I will be using bitcoin for what it was originally designed for, a peer to peer currency. Using the power and enthusiasm of the crypto community, I am determined to win the race again,” Mrs. Arras stated.

The Race Will Be Held in Partnership by Money 20/20 and Fintech Finance

Amelie Arras Prepares to Defend Bitcoin's Title at Money 20/20 Asia RaceThe race will see Mrs. Arras go head to head with competitors representing gold, cash, cards, and mobile payments respectively. Participants will be tasked with various challenges along the way, through which they will be able to earn points. Whoever holds the most points when crossing the finish line wins, provided that the participant finishes the race on time. Competitors are not allowed to purchase direct flights and will be required to use a variety of different modes of transportation.

Pat Patel, the Content Director of Money20/20 Europe & Asia, has stated that “The Money20/20 Asia Payments Race is definitely the most challenging one yet, it will really test the racers to the limit. We’ll get to really understand the real-life benefits and issues of each payment method across multiple markets in Asia. Oh, and it will be insanely entertaining in the process, stay tuned for insight and fun in equal measures.”

Do you think bitcoin can win the Asian Money20/20 Payments Race? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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