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AlphaPoint announces private blockchain solution for financial institutions

Today AlphaPoint, the white label technology provider for bitcoin exchanges, announced StreamCore, a flexible, multi-asset private blockchain solution for financial institutions. StreamCore allows firms to interact with blockchain data simply and dynamically, providing tools to rapidly develop and deploy a wide range of financial solutions.

StreamCore is a private, permissioned protocol that leverages the inherent benefits of the blockchain – immutability, strong cryptography, instantaneous clearing – but makes significant improvements. Unlike traditional blockchains, StreamCore allows firms complete control over their data and acts as a general-purpose platform for deploying financial applications.

AlphaPoint is well known for working with many bitcoin exchanges such as MonetaGo, MexBT, Bitfinex, and others. This new private blockchain solution StreamCore looks to extend AlphaPoint’s existing client platform into a larger pool of clients including financial institutions who may be looking for blockchain solutions. Recently, banks in general have shown great interest in blockchain solutions being explored.

Using Exchange Remarketer, AlphaPoint has been able to improve liquidity in the bitcoin space. This is something that Blockstream is trying to tackle as well, however with a different solution, using a sidechain Liquid.

In a press release, AlphaPoint CEO Joe Ventura said:

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“The blockchain represents a fundamental step forward in both security and efficiency. More and more banks are recognizing the promise of the technology and becoming strategic partners. StreamCore provides these firms a secure, dynamic platform to engage this technology as they incorporate it into their long-term visions.”'
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