Alphabay Phisher Makes $1 Million in 14 Months Stealing Bitcoins

A deep web hacker operating under the pseudonym of ‘Phishkingz’ has recently claimed to have generated over $1 million from phishing Alphabay accounts during the last 14 months. In a recent interview with Deepdotweb, Phishkingz details the methods that he uses when stealing bitcoins.

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Phishkingz Claims to Have Sold 500 Stolen Bitcoins in the Last 14 Months

Alphabay Phisher Makes $1 Million in 14 Months Stealing Bitcoins

Darknet phisher, Phishkingz, recently discussed methods that he claims allowed him to generate over $1 million in 12 months by stealing bitcoins. Phishkingz claims to have traded approximately 500 bitcoin on Localbitcoins in the last 14 months, the entirety of which was generated through phishing.

Phishkingz states that he is also a dark market vendor. His decision to start phishing to steal bitcoins was made following the discovery of an error on Alphabay’s forums “that allowed [Phishkingz] to see new members the second they joined.” The hacker would then directly contact new members, “send[ing[ them to my link with a verification process.” From them, Phishkingz is “able to obtain the login details syncing, and the mnemonic phrases, as well as any PGP private key and password and pin code.”

The hacker would then “save a bookmark using… [and] highlight 50 [addresses] at a time every 20 minutes checking for deposits”. The majority of the withdrawals would be processed manually, despite early experimentation with bots. Phishkingz claims that his operations expanded to a scale that required the assistance of employees, stating that at one point he “had 27 people working… running phishers” that were stealing bitcoins for him.

The Admins Didn’t Really Care About Their Customers

Alphabay Phisher Makes $1 Million in 14 Months Stealing Bitcoins

Phishkingz describes Alphabay’s moderators as providing little support to his victims. “The admins didn’t really care about their customers, and it only took opening a support ticket with a problem to learn this. BM (Big Muscles – an Alphabay moderator) especially is a stupid one. He would let me into accounts for 50% if I provided mnemonic phrase knowing I had phished the account in the first place.”

Following the recent removal of Alphabay, the bitcoin hacker claims to “have moved to Dream Market and already made 4 BTC since yesterday launching the new site.”

The number of phishers attempting to hack bitcoins outside of the deep web has also recently proliferated. The record breaking Tezos ICO has attracted the attention of phishers, seeing clone sites being hosted for the purposes of stealing bitcoins. Other creative hackers have recently started setting up websites for fake ICOs, infecting victims’ computers through downloading malicious software disguised as project whitepapers. With bitcoin and altcoins seeing unprecedented media exposure, a growing presence of bitcoin hackers and scammers operating in all corners of the internet appears to be an unfortunate and inevitable consequence of greater cryptocurrency adoption.

Have you ever fallen victim to a phishing scam? Share your story in the comments section below!

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  • Wow this is very bad. So these “heroes” are stealing to the little people bitcoins….and nobody around willing to go after them? I would have not much of an objection if they would do their thing where the big bad capital sharks are but that would requiere those hackers having a brain at all (not talking about heart because they do have non). This but will lead to the authorities having another reason of refusing encrypted currencies and they are desperately searching for reason to get rid of blockchain based currencies! Hopefully some bright Anonymous reading around here because we have to avoid hackers without a brain but lots of childish hunger for bucks.

    • Dave

      You know…. This is just a sponsored attempt to convince the people globally that Bitcoin must be regulated to be globally acceptable….. The sh*t don’t make sense at all….

  • Too bad law enforcement has their thumbs up …. How about they go arrest this dude? Oh wait, it probably IS them (was last time in SR).

  • sorry for your loss man, i myself lost 10000 civic and 110000 credo tokens, look at the comments here man seems like a bunch of badass guys are tracking these fucktards down, lets add this guy to that list man

  • hey i just read you lost a tonne of tokens on that address man, i myself lost a lot, report that guy’s address here man seems like some bad boys are getting ready to fuck these hackers up real bad

  • Stephen Cohen

    Word of advice to owners of Coins. Keep your coins offline and safe.

    When making a purchase go to bitaddress org and make up a bitcoin address or for that matter many bitcoin addresses. Use one for each purchase.

    Then transfer the exact amount of coins you need to this address.

    Then use this address to purchase whatever you need. That way you will never lose more than the amount in this bitcoin address.

  • got our address tagged as phishing one from etherscan, emailed kraken bitfinex bittrex and coinbase, would be great if you can also tell them about this address, after all we dont want this idiot to cash out our hard earned money