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Airbitz pushes new wallet release with a focus on speed and reliability

This week California based edge security and bitcoin startup Airbitz pushed a new release, Matterhorn version 2.1.0. The new release brings speed improvements, power efficiency, reliability, and stability to the wallet application.

The first release of Matterhorn was in April, which incorporated many new features including an updated user interface, design, and Replace-By-Fee (RBF) support. With the release this week of version 2.1.0, Airbitz has vastly improved their software for users who may have been concerned about holding funds in their app.


The new version includes a variety of changes, such as new Airbitz ‘Smart Fee’ technology. The wallet now has dynamic mining fee calculation that scales with network demand and intelligently minimizes fees for smaller, micro-transactions.

Other significant changes is faster more reliable transaction detection by supporting Libbitcoin/Electrum address subscription and a ten-fold increase in power efficiency, saving battery life while using the app.

Logins were optimized to speed up on new devices by 200%, and the internal transaction database code was revamped to handle unstable network conditions, plus many other changes.

Airbitz CEO and co-founder Paul Puey wrote about the new release saying,

“We’re proud and excited to deliver this release to our users. Our team has worked hard and tirelessly to bridge the gap between complex bitcoin and blockchain technology and the familiarity of mobile banking. As always, our source code is open to the public and available on our Github repo at Along with our full app update, the SDK, which we’ve built our app on, has been updated to v 0.11.0 which reflects all the new stability, performance, and reliability improvements as well as added functionality such as XPub export. Check it out at”

Airbitz has quickly become a leader in the space, adapting to network changes and user demands, providing a go-to wallet experience that people want. They have also been partnering with other bitcoin companies expanding their network.

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They recently partnered with Ice Cubed bitcoin exchange to bring more trading options to wallet users, and partnered with the Augur prediction market to utilize Edge security.'
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