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Airbitz Now Offers Built-in Buy/Sell Feature in User-Controlled Wallet

Airbitz, a company that offers a decentralized, user-controlled Bitcoin wallet, now offers the ability for users to purchase and sell bitcoin within the app after partnering with Glidera. The security of the app is done with EdgeSec (Edge Security) which is a security system inspired by the blockchain. EdgeSec decentralizes the security of both the services by combining multiple principals of security together and decentralizing the storage of data which makes it much more difficult for a hacker to infiltrate.

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Decentralized Security Practices

airbitzEdgeSec combines data encryption, backup, synchronization, revision history, 2FA and a zero-knowledge password system that helps secure the AirBitz mobile app. Developers can use EdgeSec to secure data on user devices in a way in which the owner has complete control of their data without dependence on a centralized server. In terms of application, EdgeSec has potential for use in multiple fields and applications as a very secure alternative to traditional security methods.

Airbitz has also integrated BitID into their wallet, which allows users to use blockchain technology to create one private ID for use with multiple online accounts. BitID uses cryptography to prove the ownership of a particular key. BitID can be used in a mobile wallet to sign a message with the private key to login to online accounts without exchanging personal information. Airbitz allows users to buy and sell by using an EdgeSec-secured private key to create an account with Glidera within the Airbitz app itself. After a successful closed beta round, Glidera has launched an open beta to Airbitz users in supported regions.


BitID takes directly from blockchain technology to provide exceptional security for identity verification while protecting users from the need to share sensitive data. In terms of mobile wallets, Airbitz provides a great option due to the ability to synchronize across multiple devices, user-side encryption, and advanced options which give more experienced users more control over their funds. Overall, wallets like Airbitz that promote user control over their money and top notch security practices while promoting simplicity are key for Bitcoin expansion and growth. With the addition of buy/sell support directly in the wallet, Airbitz users will now be able to acquire BTC directly using the security of BitID to secure their transactions.

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