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ABC Developer Amaury Séchet on the Future of Bitcoin Cash

At the bitcoin cash-focused Tokyo event, Satoshi’s Vision Conference, many movers and shakers and cryptocurrency luminaries got together with’s product manager Mike Malley to discuss on-chain scaling and spreading BCH adoption worldwide. During this particular video, Malley chats with Amaury Séchet (Deadalnix) the lead developer of Bitcoin ABC, and the man who revealed the August 1, 2017, hard fork to the world.

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Instant Confirmations and the Never Ending Scaling Debate

ABC Developer Amaury Séchet Talks About the Future of Bitcoin CashIn this broadcast our host, Mike Malley, talks about the future of bitcoin cash development with the lead developer of the full node client Bitcoin ABC, Amaury Séchet. The software programmer talks to our host about the speech he gave during the Tokyo event concerning his vision of the future of bitcoin cash development.

“It’s generally a talk about the kind of direction I would like to see bitcoin cash go. The first part of the talk was more of what are the values of the project — that informs people of what we want to do, “ Séchet explains.

The second part of the talk is the kind of direction we want to go — mainly there is a lot of stuff, but the two most important points is instant confirmation and scaling, scaling, scaling…. That’s a problem that can never be solved.”

Alternative Implementations

ABC Developer Amaury Séchet Talks About the Future of Bitcoin Cash
Amaury Séchet (Deadalnix)

Séchet further details his opinion on other development teams like Bitcoin Unlimited and Parity who have also produced alternate BCH clients. The Bitcoin ABC lead developer believes it’s a good thing to have multiple implementations as each one keeps “everyone honest.”

“One of the things we did very earlier on is to make sure the client and the coins are two separate IDs so other clients can join. And very quickly Bitcoin Unlimited made a client that is compatible — I think that it is great because if one client started going rogue it would start to lose market share and another client will gain that market share. It’s keeping everybody honest,” Séchet details.

Following the remarks, Séchet explains that multiple implementations are similar to keeping a government from writing bad laws in a world where ‘code is law.’ In fact, Séchet also says miners are analogous to police or the “justice system.”

“It’s important to have several implementations for two reasons: the first is a technical reason if there is a bad bug in one implementation, if you have another, you can keep the network running,” Séchet tells’s, Mike Malley. “The social reason is that when you have an implementation, and you can compare it to a government, the people who write the implementation are essentially the ‘lawmakers.’ The law is the code, and we write the law, and the miners are the law enforcers.

You want to keep the lawmakers honest and one of the problems in traditional government they are a monopoly. So if you have more than one implementation, it keeps everyone honest. If one implementation writes bad laws or a bad feature people are going to switch to another client.       

OP-Codes, Colored Coins and Ethereum-like Features for Bitcoin Cash

After Séchet discusses alternative clients, the developer talks with Mike about the OP-group discussion, colored coins, and giving the cryptocurrency bitcoin cash ‘ethereum-like’ features. OP-codes, and colored coin technology could bring representative assets and smart contracts to the BCH network. If you want to hear what Amaury Séchet has to say about the future of bitcoin cash development then make sure you watch the video below.

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