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Close to $6k in Bitcoin Cash Tips Paid to Authors Last Week

The blog has been a resource for the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) community for a while now but ever since the recent miner funded development proposal, the blogging site has gathered significant traction. For instance, the front page of shows that during the last week, more than $5,730 in bitcoin cash has been given to post authors.

Also read: Data Shows $25 Billion Worth of Bitcoin and Ether Held by Seven Crypto Exchanges Blog Gathers Momentum During the Infrastructure Funding Debate is a blogging website that rewards content creators with bitcoin cash incentives and a large number of BCH proponents leverage the platform. Seven days ago on January 22,’s founder, Jiang Zhuoer, revealed an infrastructure funding plan for Bitcoin Cash which was met with mixed reviews. While a number of BCH supporters took to Reddit and Twitter to share their two cents, many BCH fans leveraged the blog in order to share their opinion about the proposal. Out of the 28 posts on the front page of the platform, 17 of them are about the proposed development fund. The posts are written by ordinary BCH users, miners, developers, and influencers who felt they needed to write about the proposal. Tallying up the tips on the front page shows that there’s been more than $5,730 in bitcoin cash given to authors.

Close to $6k in Bitcoin Cash Tips Paid to Authors Last Week blog gathered a lot of attention during the last week after Jiang Zhuoer revealed an infrastructure funding plan on January 22, 2020. 17 out of the 28 hottest posts on the front page discuss the proposed infrastructure funding plan.

Before the funding proposal, was slowly gathering more users and blog posts. recently published a step-by-step guide covering how to register for and start creating content. Last month, the team behind development published a chart that shows the number of articles per day has been increasing. Across a variety of r/btc threads, a number of BCH supporters have explained that they enjoy the platform a great deal.

Close to $6k in Bitcoin Cash Tips Paid to Authors Last Week
Last month, the development team shared a chart that shows articles per day have been increasing.

Individuals just discovering the site have also given the platform compliments as well. “I write Audiobook reviews and am moving from Medium to and just posted my first article — The site beats Medium hands down,” one new user wrote nine days ago. Moreover, after all the big tips and onchain voting this week, many BCH supporters congratulated the developers for their hard work. “In ten years your site may facilitate million dollar tips through the decentralized blockchain network — How does that make you feel?” one Redditor asked the creators. Following the question, the team responded:

Unbelievable — BCH is un-freaking-believable — I mean I’m with Bitcoin since 2013, but it never stops to amaze me. The best part is that it’s peer-to-peer — The site doesn’t even have much to do with it.

Close to $6k in Bitcoin Cash Tips Paid to Authors Last Week
During the last seven days, more than $5,730 in bitcoin cash was given to authors.

Crypto Proponents Appreciate Leveraging to Share Their Content and Earn Bitcoin Cash

In another r/btc post discussing the $1,000 BCH tip sent to the developer, Imaginary Username, the creators emphasized that people should still only keep small amounts of funds on the web wallet. “Just a reminder for everyone not to keep big amounts of money in’s online wallet — Web browser wallets are very convenient, but cannot be made very secure,” the developers stressed. Two weeks ago, a writer dubbed Messier87 explained in a blog post how appreciative he was that a BCH-centric blogging platform exists.

Close to $6k in Bitcoin Cash Tips Paid to Authors Last Week
Two weeks ago, newcomer Messier87 wrote a comprehensive review of why the BCH-centric platform is better than other blockchain-based blogging sites.

“I have been around some Blockchain-based blogging platforms for some time now,” Messier87 wrote. “As more new forms of these types of platforms are launched, the space becomes more competitive.” Messier87 detailed all the reasons why he likes better than other blockchain-based blogging platforms. For instance while alternative blogs like Steemit use native coins, leverages the fourth largest coin by market cap. Messier87 noted that with other blockchain-based blogs writers sometimes have to wait days or even weeks to spend their tips but with that’s not the case.

“Sending funds on can happen as soon as you are tipped,” Messier87 underlined.

The author said that compared to well-established blockchain blogs, has a clean user interface (UI) that works. was launched in October 2019, and Messier87 remarked that he appreciated how much of the roadmap was completed so far. The recent tipping and slew of infrastructure funding plan blog posts have cast the blog into the limelight. It will be interesting to see if the platform’s growth trend continues to rise after the debate settles.

What do you think about all the blogging taking place on the platform during the last week and a half? Have you tried the blogging site yet? Let us know what you think about this topic in the comments section below.

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