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6 Popular Darknet Marketplaces That Accept Cryptocurrency

The P2P exchange of cryptocurrencies for goods and services began life on the darknet, whose underground markets are still thriving today. After connecting to the darknet using the Tor browser, cryptocurrency users can access a range of markets that accept BTC, BCH and other digital assets.

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Buy Anything You Need in a World Free of KYC

There are many reasons why people flock to the darknet to shop. Be it out of curiosity, necessity, or simply a desire for the sort of privacy that’s lacking on the clearnet, darknet marketplaces (DNMs) offer many things for many people. While synonymous with illicit wares, including drugs, DNMs offer much more, stocking tangible and intangible goods ranging from books to art.

For anyone intrigued by what darknet marketplaces have to offer, there are certain security precautions it’s wise to take before plunging in. These include disabling Javascript in the Tor browser and taking care to avoid links to phishing sites. Just like the clearnet, the darknet has its share of lookalike sites designed to part traders with their crypto. Sites such as Deepdotweb (when it’s online) as well as onion forum Dread are where many users get started. When DNM operators are changing their onion domain, they’ll usually post an update on these sites, signed with their PGP key. The following darknet markets are the most popular right now.


The darknet’s longest standing market, Dream, has somehow survived since 2013. It accepts bitcoin core (BTC) and bitcoin cash (BCH) and features 63,000 digital goods, 87,000 drugs, and thousands of other listings under such categories as “drug paraphernalia” and “services.” Listings can be filtered by cryptocurrency, seller location, buyer location, vendor, and keyword. The marketplace features one-tick message encryption at checkout, but buyers are recommended to fully encrypt messages using the vendor’s public key. That way, if the website should be compromised, messages will be indecipherable.

6 Popular Darknet Marketplaces That Accept Cryptocurrency

Wallstreet Market

Wallstreet is another DNM that’s been standing for a while. It supports 2/3 multisig, enables PGP login and supports BTC and privacy coin monero (XMR). Drugs is its most populated category, but Wallstreet also does a robust trade in counterfeits, jewelry, services, malware, digital goods, and tutorials.

6 Popular Darknet Marketplaces That Accept Cryptocurrency


Point, also known as Tochka, is the third most popular DNM at present. It features the sort of wares that are the stock in trade of darknet marketplaces: drugs, fakes and more drugs. The site accepts BTC, BCH, and ETH, and it also facilitates dead drops. This enables buyer and seller to set a secret location where the goods can be left for collection.


CGMC, or Cannabis Growers & Merchants Co-op, is a small DNM for those who appreciate the dankest strains. It currently has 50 U.S. vendors, 13 British, 13 in the EU, and 3 Canadian. The cannabinoid wares are categorized into flowers, concentrates, edibles, distillate, and shrooms. The site accepts BTC and LTC and enables cannabis connoisseurs to choose from hundreds on indica, sativa, and hybrid strains. A careful vendor screening policy has helped to instil deep trust in CGMC.

6 Popular Darknet Marketplaces That Accept Cryptocurrency

Berlusconi Market

Berlusconi is one of the smaller DNMs, and isn’t highly rated on Deep Dot Web, although reviews can be easily gamed by rival markets, it should be noted. The site accepts BTC, LTC and XMR. In addition to drugs, gold and digital goods, Berlusconi Market stocks weapons. One British vendor professes to stock an AK-47, Glock 17, Glock 26 and a Bushmaster. Elsewhere, you’ll find a handheld grenade launcher going for 0.5 BTC with “discreet overnight stealth shipping.” Whether the sellers prove to be legitimate or law enforcement, however, is a matter of debate.

6 Popular Darknet Marketplaces That Accept Cryptocurrency


Cannazon, as its name suggests, is the Amazon of cannabis. The site sells high-grade strains to a primarily European audience, who can load up on weed, hash and edibles. Afghan, Lebanese, and Moroccan hash is complemented by indica and sativa weed as well as seeds. The site accepts BTC and XMR. U.S. residents are excluded from Cannazon and its range of delectable sounding wares such as master kush, limoncello haze, stardawg, and trainwreck.

6 Popular Darknet Marketplaces That Accept Cryptocurrency

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