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These 3 Online Multiplayer Video Games are Embracing Bitcoin

The world of video games and digital currency seem to go hand in hand. So far a few companies have integrated Bitcoin into the gaming industry to enhance user experience. This week saw a few announcements regarding some new games where virtual money can be used including online multi-player gaming giant Wargaming announcing it will support Bitcoin for its in-game purchases. 

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wglogoBitpay announced this week its collaboration with the gaming leader and its 15 strategy-based massively-multiplayer online (MMO) gaming titles. Games like World of Warships and World of Warplanes can use Bitcoin to purchase in-game virtual gold. The gold is used for power-ups and customization within the user interface. This will enable users to utilize the digital currency in the game as opposed to submitting their financial information online. Instead of leaving their credit card data, players can access the virtual gold faster and without risk of your information being hacked later. The company hopes this will improve user experience in the Wargaming realm and looks forward to the partnership.

Wargaming announced: 

We’re pleased to announce that tankers, pilots or commanders in the U.S. have a new way to pay for Premium vehicles and Gold/Doubloons—Bitcoin! Effectively immediately, you’ll be able to make simple, safe and convenient purchases from any Bitcoin wallet through our partner BitPay.

Night Become Butterflies

There’s a new game coming to the Bitcoin world that’s quite different than your typical video game.
Night Become Butterflies (NBB) is an item collecting game that’s built on top of the Bitcoin blockchain.

The story-game uses multi-platform storytelling and token-access technology allowing hours of sci-fi/fantasy role playing. The build of the game is currently in progress but the developer posted a description of what’s to come, and people can follow the progress from the creator’s development blog. Upon release, the game will be available to play on desktop and mobile platforms.

The creator has been a crypto-enthusiast since 2013 and first showcased earlier models of the game at the 2014 CoinFest in Vancouver, BC. NBB’s platform was designed for those who love Bitcoin and also the want to play games and support the blockchain environment. The technology behind the game is built partly on Counterparty and the Tokenly CMS, which is also used by the Let’s Talk Bitcoin Network. The first stage rolled out to the public will be a web release of beta-testing using the Tokenly system. The developer says the vision is for people to enjoy using cryptocurrency. He said:

My hope is that by incorporating bitcoin into new games, the game community will continue to embrace bitcoin and be inspired to create their own works and strengthen the Bitcoin economy.

Spells of Genesis

video gamesSpells of Genesis (SoG) is available for use in beta for IOS and Android users. Created by EverdreamSoft SA, the game has been a favorite topic among the cryptocurrency community. SoG uses blockchain technology within its interface that enables users to trade and sell virtual cards in the game. The blockchain-based tradable card game also uses its own in-game currency called BitCrystals that can also be utilized for trading. Those who had purchased tokens in the original SoG funding round will automatically gain IOS access, or the app needs to be requested.

The Android application is fully available on the web page and there is also a desktop play version for non-mobile users. The Spells of Genesis game is often associated with the Magic the Gathering (MtG) card game where cards can be sold for a lot of money. The same can also be said about SoG as the cards can be traded or sold just like MtG and some trading pieces are extremely rare.      

Bitcoin & Gaming: A New Level of Experience

The integration of Bitcoin and the gaming world is just getting started. The idea seems to be very popular with the community as geeks of all ages can enjoy the land of pixels mixed with their favorite digital currency. will keep our readers up to date with any developments with these upcoming gaming experiences and new games that hit the market. Playing video games is fun and using Bitcoin with them makes it even better.

Have you played these or any other game with Bitcoin? Let us know in the comments below.

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