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247exchange now accepts CAD and AUD for buying bitcoin with credit cards

Belize based 247exchange which is a bitcoin exchange services provider, announced updates to their new banking relationships in Canada and Australia, which will allow users to now purchase bitcoin with credit and debit cards in Canadian Dollars and Australian Dollars.

In a new update to the exchange website, they said:

Dear clients from Australia and Canada, we’re happy to announce that we started to accept credit/debit card payments in two more currencies – AUD and CAD. Card users from these countries can now purchase Bitcoin and altcoins (Litecoin, Peercoin, Namecoin) avoiding currency conversion and getting more “coins” for their fiat money. We did it, because you, our clients, ask for that in our surveys – we constantly study the customer feedback.

The exchange currently accepts a myriad of currencies in exchange for bitcoin, across many countries and payment methods. However, customers based in the United States are blocked from the exchange citing FinCEN regulations. The exchange says that they are working on this and hope to become available in the United States sometime between 2016-2017 (at least for the most significant states).

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In April of this year, 247exchange was named as one of the top three bitcoin exchanges on the market through community ratings and reviews.

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