The 2016 Bitcoin Survey Supports 11 Different Languages

One of the main questions people often wonder about is who is using Bitcoin these days. The 2016 Bitcoin Survey by the Bitcoins in Ireland team will bring us one step closer to find out the answer as a total of eleven different languages are now supported.

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The 2016 Bitcoin Survey Is Here

Bitcoin.com_2016 Bitcoin Survey

Even though the results of the 2016 Bitcoin Survey will not be able to tell the complete story as to who uses Bitcoin and why, it may certainly provide some valuable insights in the end. Last year’s version showed some impressive results as well, although the number of supported languages was relatively then.

Now that the Bitcoins in Ireland team is back with their 2016 Bitcoin Survey, the goal is to reach as many people as possible. It’s hard to comprehend every single individual within the Bitcoin ecosystem, but these brief surveys will be proper source material for further investigations into these matters over the coming years.

As is the case with any technology, consumer interest tends to shift around a bit. One survey per year could show the differences between people using Bitcoin in 2015 and those who are using it today. Some people may have lost interest, whereas others have gotten excited about Bitcoin. Moreover, the 2016 Bitcoin Survey could show the rest of the world how Bitcoin is being used by real people.

Among the questions asked in the 2016 Bitcoin Survey are topics such as the gender of the user, how they use Bitcoin, and whether or not they have gotten other people to use it as well. Word of mouth is the most powerful marketing tool in the world, and taking Bitcoin to mainstream adoption levels will require existing users to convince others throughout the years.

One important question the 2016 Bitcoin Survey asks is why people like Bitcoin, and what they are less happy about regarding this cryptocurrency. User feedback is invaluable to a decentralized ecosystem such as Bitcoin, as it will help developers understand the needs of Bitcoin users better, which may lead to future improvements and new features down the line.

The 2016 Bitcoin Survey also highlights the topic of Bitcoin wallets. People who take this survey might learn a thing or two as there are so many different solutions available beyond the desktop offerings. This also gives users a chance to determine what they value in a Bitcoin wallet, and what their opinion on this concept in general are.

What makes the 2016 edition of the Bitcoin Survey so important is the multi-language support. Eleven different languages are now supported, which should make it a lot easier for international Bitcoin users to take part in this short questionnaire. Moreover, all participants are eligible to win a reward later on.

We know that the survey takes a couple of minutes across the various topics, and for everyone’s effort, we are putting up 15 top rewards for survey participants across all of our international language surveys. Each month during April, May & June, we will draw five Bitcoin addresses from survey respondents, take 0.25 of the rewards fund and send each 0.05. In July, once the survey has been completed, we will draw a sixteenth address, which will be sent 0.5 bitcoin.

Interim reports will be released on the Bitcoins in Ireland website, so make sure to keep an eye out for future updates. Any feedback on this survey is more than welcome, and there are co-working opportunities available for particular countries and PR inquiries. Additionally, more localized language support is always a bonus as well.

Will you partake in the 2016 Bitcoin Survey? What are your thoughts on the 2015 statistics? Let us know in the comments below!


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