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Lightning-Fast New Wallet Proves Popular With Over 10 Million Wallets Created

The Wallet app has reached almost 10.5 million wallets created across several million app downloads. This milestone follows last month’s release of the new app, which most notably included a redesigned, user-friendly interface along with the lightning-fast Instant Pay feature for bitcoin cash payments and support for SLP tokens.

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From 5 to 10 Million Wallets in Less Than Half a Year

The Wallet app has been one of the most popular wallets for bitcoin cash (BCH) and bitcoin core (BTC) users for several years. After the recent launch of the overhauled app, new and existing users have created a record number of wallets in-app to try out features like Instant Pay. “Users rushed to try our new wallet app,” highlights CEO Stefan Rust. “Last November we surpassed five million wallets created. Now—less than half a year on—we’ve surpassed ten million.”

Instant Pay is an exclusive new feature that lets users auto-pay instantly with bitcoin cash. The user presets a spending threshold and then scans their app to make a payment, which will complete in microseconds. This contrasts with other wallet apps which require users to manually swipe to approve bitcoin cash payments, with these transactions also completing more slowly.

Lightning-Fast New Wallet Proves Popular With Over 10 Million Wallets Created

Instant Pay, which gives the Wallet app its title of “the fastest Bitcoin wallet,” completes transactions faster than traditional payment methods like Visa and Mastercard. Combined with the redesigned user-friendly interface which aims to make bitcoin management easy for cryptocurrency newcomers and more advanced users alike, the new app provides users with a seamless payment experience similar to the likes of Venmo and Cash App.

Built to Be Easy, Simple and Fast

Users have also been trying out the app’s SLP token protocol support, a feature which is currently only available in a limited number of wallet apps on the market. This means the Wallet now lets users send and receive tokens that can represent real or virtual goods, with the app providing a safe place to store tokens alongside bitcoin cash.

Lightning-Fast New Wallet Proves Popular With Over 10 Million Wallets Created

The goal behind the new Wallet was to create an app that maintains the key features legacy cryptocurrency users expect while also being accessible to new users. “For many crypto newcomers, complex wallet apps are the stumbling block. That’s because these apps are typically built for techies: not for the everyday user,” Stefan explains. “The new Wallet app was built to be easy: it’s simple to use and, thanks to Instant Pay, it’s the fastest wallet on the market.”

Users can download the new Wallet for free today. The app is available for iOS and Android.

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